MBA Program: Concentrations

Concentrations include Accounting, Finance, General Management, Health Care ManagementHuman Resources ManagementInnovation, and Marketing. The Stony Brook MBA considers four or more elective courses in one subject area a concentration. The exception to this is Accounting, which requires seven elective courses.  The selection of your concentration area should relate to your interests as well as your career goals. Consider working with the Career Center to help youwith your career development and decision making process. Try to get aninternship in the area you are interested in. Join the MBA Association and collaborate with your peer to discusscareers and the best concentrations for you. You should also speak withfaculty about what you are interested in. All of these activities willhelp you select the concentration area that's the best fit for you.


Accounting Concentration

Finance Concentration

General Management Concentration

Health Care Management Concentration

Human Resources Concentration

Innovation Concentration

Marketing Concentration




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