Buhrau, Denise

Professor Denise Buhrau conducts research in the area of Consumer Behavior, specifically in the area of Health behaviors and decision making.  She focuses on topics such as planning and goal pursuit, health communication and the role of temporal orientation in decision making.

Caprariello, Peter

Professor Peter Caprariello's research intersects money and close interpersonal relationships. Specifically, I am currently researching how specifying the relationship context of life experiences versus material possessions affords a more complete understanding of how money can be spent in pursuit of happiness. My dissertation tested whether activating self-centered or other-centered motives for spending money on others influences happiness. More broadly, I believe that we can develop and extend basic consumer science by better understanding the natural context in which money fundamentally alters, and is altered by, relevant relationship processes. One professional goal of mine is to advance research in that broad area. I have published numerous articles in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Group Processes and Intergroup Relations and Early Human Development.

Connell, Paul

Paul M. Connell's research lies at the intersection of developmental consumer psychology, consumers' relationships with each other and with brands, and nonconscious influences on consumer behavior. From an applied standpoint, his research focuses on advertising effects on consumer health and well-being. His research has appeared in outlets such as Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Consumer Psychology, Appetite, and Journal of Public Policy & Marketing. He currently serves on the editorial review board of Journal of Public Policy & Marketing.

Huang, Julie

Professor Julie Huang examine how environmental and motivational factors interact to produce unintended consequences in people's judgments and behaviors. Her theoretical interests explore how people's expressed judgments and behaviors can be understood as indirectly controlled by multiple conscious and unconscious goals (Huang & Bargh, 2014). In her empirical line of research, she identifies which goals, after being primed, might be particularly associated with unintended effects today, and examine how we can leverage consumer behavior and social psychological knowledge to intervene against these downstream effects of goal pursuit.

Kamins, Michael

Professor Michael Kamins' research interests are varied but the commonality is a focus on Consumer Behavior.  Kamins is known for his research on the congruence between the celebrity and the product endorsed as well as for his research on pioneership.  Recently he has focused on pricing research specifically in terms of eBay auctions and internal versus external factors which influence the winning bid.  He has published in many journals inclusive of the Journal of Marketing ResearchJournal of Marketing, Journal of Consumer ResearchJournal of Consumer PsychologyStrategic Management Journal and the Journal of Interactive Marketing among others.

Pew, Ethan

Professor Ethan Pew's research is in consumer behavior particularly in the context of investment decision making.  He focuses on topics such as how consumers perceive time and how they process information when evaluating investment opportunities.

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