Finance & Business Economics

Focardi, Sergio

Professor Sergio Focardi’s research interests include the study of factor models of equity prices, explaining and predicting market trends, trend reversals and market crashes, economic models with multiple inflation rates, and financial economics with artificial markets. The underlying theme of his research agenda is Economics as a complex system with multiple interacting agents. He is a co-worker on a CFA Institute project aimed at understanding the changes needed in the teaching of finance at universities and business schools following the recent financial crisis.

Holod, Dmytro

Professor Dmytro Holod's research interests lie in the areas of banking and corporate finance. His research has been devoted to understanding the forces behind bank lending and the mechanisms through which bank lending affects the economy. He also explores bank risk management practices and regulation, efficiency of internal capital markets, and bank input-output efficiency.

Rachev, Zari

Professor Zari Rachev's research areas cover non-Gaussian models in mathematical finance, financial econometrics, factor models for asset returns, market and credit risk management, operational risk assessment and forecast,   portfolio optimization and asset liability modeling.

Smith, Noah

Professor Noah Smith is a behavioral economist who does research in the area of expectation formation in financial markets.  In particular he studies the phenomenon of “bubbles”, in terms of how and why they develop as well as signs that indicate that they are coming to an end. He maintains a lively and impactful blog titled “Noahpinion” which has among its readers Nobel prize winner Paul Krugman.

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