Recent Research

  1. “Keep Walking: Accounting for Individual Differences in Temporal Orientation to Motivate Healthy Behaviors,” with Mita Sujan, manuscript in preparation for submission to Journal of Consumer Research
  2.  “Subjective Time Perception,” with Ethan Pew, manuscript in preparation for submission to Journal of Marketing Research
  3.  “Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful: How Mating Motives and Beauty Expertise Moderate Self-Image Threat from Advertisement Models,” with Abigail Schneider, Susan Jung Grant, and Ethan Pew, manuscript in preparation for submission as a symposium to the 2012 SPSP Annual Meeting
  4.  “Construing Construal: A Meta-Analysis of Information Processing at High and Low Levels of Construal,” with Ethan Pew, data collection in progress
  5.  “How to Talk to… or Better With Patients: The Influence of Readiness to Change and Time Perspectives on the Framing of Health Messages,” with Mita Sujan, Harish Sujan, Timothy Harlan, and Richard Ager, data collection in progress
  6.  “The Effects of SMS-Based Health Communication on Behavior Change in Developing Countries: A Meta-Analysis,” with Tugrul Ozturk, data collection in progress
  7.  “Goal Schedules,” data collection in preparation

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