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Manuel London, Ph.D.What is a Stony Brook education in business?

Our undergraduate and MBA programs offer a practical approach to learning. We view knowledge as a tool for problem solving, not for mastery alone. So our education gives students applied experiences throughout all levels of the curriculum. Students learn through in-class projects, internships, guest speakers from business with applied assignments that require writing, data analysis, and integration for innovative solutions. Foundational, " 21st Century " skills, such as critical thinking and problem solving, are infused throughout the curriculum. Students learn effective work strategies as they acquire business knowledge and demonstrate how their business capabilities add value to their employers and contribute to their career development.

We support and enable curiosity and creativity as students practice entrepreneurship, teamwork as subject matter experts, and group and organizational leadership. Students learn to link, leverage, and commercialize. They link knowledge and analyses to new ideas, leverage resources, and commercialize in ways that create and develop market opportunities. Students maximize their career potential by learning to learn and exploring solutions to difficult, real-world problems. Students learn to be early adopters and organizational gatekeepers of knowledge, technology, and applications that create and maximize value to the organization and their own career development.

We offer a full range of programs, including special programs that meet students capabilities and schedules.

For undergraduates, we have :
  • "Business Leaders Program" learning community for high achieving freshmen
  • Sophomore learning communities for principles classes
  • Honors learning community in ethical leadership linked to writing and community service
  • Concentrations in finance, accounting, marketing, and management operations.

For MBA students we have:
  • Full-time day program with structured, integrative applied learning experiences
  • Executive evening and weekend programs for cohorts of students with significant business experience
  • Fast track MBA program for qualified undergraduate majors
  • Concentrations in human resources, health care, information systems, finance, marketing and general management.
  • Combined programs with other masters, doctoral, and professional programs.

What is the learning experience like?

Students learn in communities of peers and faculty. Learning communities at each level of study integrate disciplines and promote collaborative learning. Basic/foundational knowledge is delivered through traditional didactic methods (lectures and demonstrations) that are the basis for problem-based, experiential learning (projects, internships, study abroad, classroom project teams, case exploration, simulations, guest speakers presenting corporate problems, team competitions for business planning and problem solving). Community-based networks of professionals and enterprises in education, health care, business, and social services give students real world learning experiences. Courses on entrepreneurship create a cadre of idea generators and job creators. Successful local entrepreneurs provide advice and serve as mentors to our students and faculty to bring real world knowledge on every phase of the entrepreneurial process.

Students have E-portfolios to demonstrate their knowledge and ability to create value. The E-portfolio projects increase in complexity as students advance through the curriculum, showing prowess in foundational skills and areas of concentration.

Manuel London, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Business, and Director, Center for Human Resource Management
Faculty Director, Undergraduate College of Leadership & Service


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