College of Business MBA Student a Winner in the Spring 2013 Outstanding Off Campus Internship Contest

Each semester, the Career Center and the Alumni Association jointly recognize students participating in career-related off-campus internship experiences. The "Off-Campus Internship Contest" recognizes exceptional work and measurable accomplishments.  Applicants were expected to submit resumes, describe skills developed during the experience, and provide recommendations from supervisors.  This year, as in past years, a College of Business student received one of the honors. 

Jia Liu (Rose), a second-year MBA student, completed her internship as a Financial Analyst Intern at Castagna Realty Co., Inc., a 90-year-old real estate developer in Long Island. It is well known for its two luxurious shopping centers—Americana Manhasset and Wheatley Plaza. Her daily work included analyzing financial and leasing data for these two shopping centers, preparing financial statements, managing the company’s internal database. She also updated the “2013 Sales Book” including projected sales, rental income, occupancy cost PSF and graphs. In addition, she provided accounting assistance for the Accounting Department and used MRI (an accounting software) to process journal entries, accounts payable and bank reconciliation.

Rose took MBA 576 Real Estate Finance with Professor Lee Rosner, a senior executive at Coldwell Banker in Long Island. Before taking the course, she completed a Finance Internship at a mortgage company, where she first got interested in the real estate business.

“After taking Real Estate Finance, I got a better understanding about the Real Estate business and decided I wanted to work in this field. Thus, I networked with Long Island Real Estate Institute, headquartered in Stony Brook College of Business and got the opportunity to work with Castagna. I love this internship which consolidates my skills and improves my understanding towards Real Estate Industry,” states Rose.

While completing the internship, Rose made significant improvements in her Excel skills and learned many new functions that she had never used before; skills critical to analyzing a large amounts of financial data, improving efficiency, and reducing errors. She also developed her networking and communication skills.

Rose’s most important accomplishments from her internship at Castanga included assisting on the update of the “2013 Americana Manhasset and Wheatley Plaza Sales Book”, which was presented to the April 2013 Board Meeting. It is approximately 250 pages with Financial Abstract, Financial Data and Graphs for these two luxurious shopping centers.  Another accomplishment was the completion of the “2012 Job Cost Report”, which was the total expenditures for the company.

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