Internet Log-on Instructions & IT Support

As a Brookhaven Residential Village resident, you full have full access to the wireless network. You will have to sign in with your NetID and Password to sign into WolfieNet Secure. 

Personal wireless access point (WAP) or wireless router/firewall are not allowed in the Brookhaven Residence Village because it will interfere with existing wireless and wired connections.  The bedrooms all contain a live network jack for each person in residence (either in wall port or on the white wireless router)


Stony Brook Student IT Guide
For any Stony Brook Service support issues, call:
Client Support at 631-632-9800 -OR- Teaching Learning Technology at 631-632-9602



Computer Lab Hours:

TBD. Computer Lab is being set up. Please check later for more information. A Print from Anywhere Station is available in the Conference Room. Use your persona card to gain access anytime of the day. 



Internet Connection Tips and Common Problems:

1. After one hour of inactivity or a six-hour session, your connection will timeout and you must log in again.

2. Expired virus protection – Uninstall or renew old virus protection.

3. Malware – Go to computer with an internet connection – download Free Version of Malwarebytes and save to thumb drive -- run on computer without connection.

4. Computer setting issue (1) –Fix is for  both wired/ wireless cards and for most operating systems.  --Go to Start –Control panel – Network Connections – right click on Local Area Connection -- Properties –Scroll down and select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) – then go to properties.  Obtain an IP address automatically should be selected and – Obtain DNS server address automatically should also be selected.

5. Computer setting Issue (2) –For both wired and wireless cards and for most operating systems. Go to Start – then Control panel – Choose Network and Sharing Center --then on the left click change adapter settings –right click on Local Area Connection then choose properties –make sure Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPV4) is checked and  Internet Protocol Version 6 is unchecked.

Contact the Client Support if you still have issues connecting to the Internet at 631-632-9800

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