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How to Buy Your Textbooks

This semester, get your textbooks online through Stony Brook University’s customized Amazon portal This convenient online experience offers you more opportunities to save on the overall costs of new, used, digital and rental textbooks and course materials.

Buying your books through this portal allows you to easily identify which books are SBU required as they’re identified with the  SBU shield logo. An added benefit is that by selecting the Amazon@StonyBrook pickup location, you can safely pick up your items in the lower level of the Melville Library.

How to buy your course materials:

Here is a quick step-by-step guide to purchasing your course materials for fall:

  1. Activate your Benefits: visit, click “Activate your benefits” - you will need to create an Amazon account if you don’t already have one.
  2. View Your Course Materials: log in to  SOLAR and navigate to your syllabi to view your course materials.

  3. Find and Buy Your Course Materials: simply copy and paste the book titles or ISBN number from your syllabi into the search bar on and add to your cart - be sure to look for the  Stony Brook shield logo and course information on the product page.

  4. Ship Your Items: purchase your course materials and have them shipped to Amazon@StonyBrook pickup location (the safest and most convenient option) or your home – based on when you place your order and your order’s shipping speed*.

The added benefit of shipping to Amazon@StonyBrook is that many items are eligible for Free One-day Pickup if you’re a Prime or Student Prime member!  

*You may ship to your residence hall; however, you need to allow additional time for delivery, so the SBU Central Receiving Mailroom can process and distribute your package.

Get a Sales Tax Refund: To request a sales tax refund on your textbooks, place your order and wait for your shipment confirmation. Once your order ships, fill out a Textbook Exemption Certificate  form and email it to For more information and to download the form, visit the Bookstore Liaison  site

To activate your benefits and get answers to frequently asked questions, visit

Nadeem Siddiqui
Executive Director
Faculty Student Association


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