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Frequently Asked Questions

Amazon Students Accounts & Benefits

Where is the bookstore?
What is the Amazon@StonyBrook relationship and what is Amazon providing?
How do I order my textbooks from Amazon@StonyBrook and see which books I need for my classes?
Do I need to have a Prime or Prime Student account to order from Amazon@StonyBrook?
If I have Prime, can my student use my account?

Tax Credit / Refund

How do I request a sales tax refund for my required textbooks?

Shipping & Pickup

What is the Free, Secure, and Convenient Package Pickup?
Is My Shipment Late?
When does the shipping time start?
What is the phone number for the pickup location?

Returns & Refunds

What are the Hassle-Free Returns?
What is the return policy for textbooks and course materials ordered through Amazon?
What happens if the standard return date for my textbook falls before my classes or exams end?

Need More Help?

For Amazon customer service call (888) 280-4331. For questions regarding the pickup location call (631) 456-0953. For all other inquires and requests, contact the Bookstore Liaison's Office.

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