SEED Grant Winners 2005

Turhan Canli, Department of Psychology, SBU
Nelly Alia-Klein, Medical Department, BNL
Joanna Fowler, Department of Chemistry, BNL
Mark Wagshul, Department of Radiology, SBU
Gene-Jack Wang, Medical Department, BNL

"The Neurogentics of Impulsivity: Individual Differences within the Dopamine Transports (DAT) Gene aseesed with PET and fMRI"


This proposal focuses on the emerging filed of genomic imaging, an integration of molecular genetics and neuroimaging, to study the common variations within genetic nucleotide sequences (polymorphisms) that are associated with individual differences in behavior.


Michael Gurvitch, Department of Physics and Astronomy, SBU
Ivan Bozovic, Department of Materials Science, BNL
Serge Lury, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, SBU

"Controlling Metal-Insulator Phase Transition with Electric Field: A Way to Faster Transistors and Optical Modulators"


The goal of this proposal is to fabricate and characterize ultra-thin high quality films in BNL’s Molecular Beam Epitaxy system, and look for the field effect on metal-insulator phase transition (MIT) at Stony Brook. The proposal is highly motivated by the recent theoretical findings that indicate that the speed of switching in a field-controlled phase transition device is at least an order of magnitude higher than in field-effect transistor of similar geometry.


Andreas Mayr, Chemistry Department, SBU
John Miller, Chemistry Department, BNL
Benjamin Ocko, Physics Department, BNL

"Synthesis of Moleculaes for Applications in Molecular Electronics and the Study of Their Electron Transfer and Surface Self-Assembly Properties"


This proposal aims to establish new collaborations between SBU and BNL by preparing several specially designed series of “molecular wires” with systematically varied molecular constituents to be used in the development of extremely powerful neuromorphic memories.


Emilio Mendez, Department of Physics and Astronomy, SBU
James Misewich, Department of Materials Science, BNL

"Electronic Transport in Carbon Nanotubes"


The goal of this proposal is to study the electronic properties of carbon nanotubes; with the objective to fabricate metallic and semiconducting devices based on carbon nanotubes and to study their electronic properties, placing an emphasis on the fluctuations of the current, which ultimately limit the performance of electronic devices.


Srinivas Pentyala, Department of Anesthesiology, SBU
John Glass, Medical Department, BNL

"Biological Validation and Characterization of Consensus Glial-cell Derived Neurotropic Factor (GDNF) Peptides"


The primary objective of this proposal is to confirm algorithmic predictions that Glial-cell Derived Neurotropic Factor (GDNF) is a neuropeptide precursor protein. The GDNF-derived neuropeptides will be biologically characterized to the point that they can be evaluated in models of Parkinson’s Disease (PD).


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