Brookhaven Women in Science Colloquia Series 2013

All talks will take place at Berkner Hall, Brookhaven National Laboratory at 4:00pm on the date scheduled.
Lectures are free and open to the public
Drivers license or ID required for all 16 and over.

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18 September, 2013
Mina Bissell
Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory

Wife, Mother, Scientist or is it the other way around?!

17 October, 2013
Marjorie Senechal
Smith College

The truth and beauty in quasicrystals

 Abstract: Mina Bissell's groundbreaking research has proven that cancer is not only caused by cancer cells, but is caused by an interaction between cancer cells and the surrounding cellular microenvironment. In her talk Bissell will discuss how she balanced family and a successful research career. Dr. Bissell earned an A.B. with honors in chemistry from Harvard/Radcliffe College and a Ph.D. in bacterial genetics from Harvard University. She joined the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in 1972. Director of the Life Sciences Division since 1992 she was named Distinguished Scientist upon stepping down. She is also the OBER/DOE Distinguished Scientist Fellow in Life Sciences. An AAAS fellow Dr. Bissell is recipient of numerous awards, most recently the AACR Distinguished Lectureship in Breast Cancer Research and the Lifetime Achievement Award, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.  Mina Bissell

 Abstract: Like mosaics observed in our childhood kaleidoscope, quasicrystals show remarkable patterns that can not be repeated in a regular manner. Discovered in 1982 quasicrystals are very hard and break easily, like glass. Due to their unique properties they can be used to convert heat into electricity, in surface coatings for frying pans, or can be used in energy saving LED’s. In this talk Senechal, Louise Wolf Kahn Professor Emerita in Mathematics and History of Science and Technology at Smith College, and Fellow of the American Mathematical Society, will discuss the beauty and applications of the patterns observed in artificial and natural quasicrystal structures.

 Marjorie Senechal


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