Joint Stony Brook / Brookhaven Cosmology Seminar

The joint SB/BNL Cosmology seminar happens biweekly with hosting alternating between SB and BNL. We encourage interested parties from both institutions to attend seminars at both institutions

When hosted at SB

Seminar is scheduled on select Wednesdays at 2:30pm in the Earth and Space Science (ESS) building, Room 450 (i.e. in the regular Stony Brook Astronomy seminar slot). It is followed by a discussion with wine & cheese, followed by the dinner with the speaker.

When hosted at BNL

Seminar is scheduled on select Thursdays at 3:00pm in the small seminar room in the Physics Department (Building 510) (i.e. in the regular BNL Particle Physics Seminar slot). It is followed by discussion with cookies & tea (sorry, no alcohol before 5pm at the lab) in the Large Seminar Room lounge (4.15-5), followed by the dinner with the speaker.
US citizens with a valid government issued ID (i.e. driver's licence) can access the site by showing their ID to the gate militia stating that they are visiting this event. Non-US citizens need to obtain BNL guest registration here. Specify Anze Slosar as host and LSST as the group.

Confirmed speakers
Date Venue Speaker Title Notes
9/12/13 BNL Hironao Miyatake, Princeton Weak lensing science towards the Hyper Suprime-Cam survey Abstract
9/25/13 SB Daan Meerburg, Princeton Searching for oscillations in the primordial power spectrum Abstract
10/10/13 BNL Kfir Blum, IAS Constraining Dark Matter-Baryon Scattering with Linear Cosmology Abstract
10/23/13 SB Jens Chluba, John Hopkins University Science with CMB spectral distortions: a new window to the early Universe Abstract
11/7/13 BNL Cristiano Galbiati, Princeton A Walk on the Dark Side Abstract
11/20/13 SB Željko Ivezić, University of Washington TBA
11/21/13 BNL Matt Dobbs, McGill The Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment (CHIME) - a new tool to probe the dark energy driven expansion history of the universe from z=1-3 Abstract
12/4/13 SB Marilena LoVerde, Chicago TBA

Contact: Neelima Seghal (neelima.sehgal & and Anže Slosar (anze &

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