Researcher of the Month


URECA Researchers of the Month - BIO/BCH Students:
Year Month Student's Name Research Mentor Department/School

YEAR 2014

2014 August Angela Taravella Dr. Brenna Henn Ecology and Evolution

2014  July Corey Weistuch Dr. David Green Applied Math & Statistics

2014 May Sam Kimmey Dr. Ben Martin Biochemistry and Cell Biology

2014 May Kevin Chavez Dr. Laurie Krug Molecular Genetics and Microbiology

2014 May Safa Abdelhakim Dr. William F. Collins III Neurobiology and Behavior

2014  April  Joy Pawirosetiko Dr. Sharon Pochron Sustainability Studies

2014 February Melissa Daniel Dr. Lonnie Wollmuth Neurobiology and Behavior

YEAR 2013 
2013  July  Elizabeth Ha Dr. Michael Frohman  Pharmacological Sciences 

2013  June  Ramon Cabrera  Dr. Mary Kritzer;
and Dr. Dan Moloney 
Neurobiology & Behavior;
and CESAME  

2013  May  Ista Egbeto  Dr. Robert Haltiwanger  Biochemistry & Cell Biology 

2013  May  Renee Hartig  Dr. Mary Frame  Biomedical Engineering 

2013  May  Samuel Katz  Dr. B. Moore  Univ. of Michigan 

2013  May  Kunal Mandavawala  Dr. Howard Sirotkin  Neurobiology & Behavior 

2013  May  Jon McGinn Dr. Greg Hannon  Cold Spring Harbor Lab 

2013  May  Virginia Mule Dr. Diane Doran-Sheehy,
Dr. Andreas Koenig,
and Dr. Clary Scarry 

2013  March  Ariana Levin  Dr. Kevin Czaplinski  Biochemistry & Cell Biology 

2013  January  Brian Ralph Dr. Dale Deutsch
and Dr. Martin Kaczocha 
Biochemistry & Cell Biology 

YEAR 2012 
2012  September  Alice McGarry Dr. Michael Bell  Ecology and Evolution 

2012  February  Alex Gorbatchevich  Dr. Eckard Wimmer  Molecular Genetics & Microbiology 

2012  April  Bart Massi  Dr. Christian Luhmann
and Dr. Joshua Rest 
and Ecology & Evolution 

2012  May  Hillary Moss Dr. Robert Haltiwanger  Biochemistry & Cell Biology 

2012  May  McKinny Kwok Dr. William F. Collins III  Neurobiology & Behavior 

2012  May  Sasha Seroy  Dr. Dianna Padilla  Ecology & Evolution  

2012  July  Malack Hamade  Dr. Harvard Lyman,
Dr. Howard Sirotkin,
and Dr. Ralph James 
Biochemistry &  Cell Biology,
Neurobiology & Behavior,
and Brookhaven National Lab 

YEAR 2011 
2011  September  Ze Zhang Dr. Patricia Wright
and Dr. Michael Bell 
Anthropology (ICTE)
and Ecology & Evolution 

2011  May  Yan Leyfman Dr. Galina Botchkina  Dept Pathology/Inst Chemical Biology & Drug Discovery 

2011  November  Olesya Levsh  Dr. Daniel Raleigh  Chemistry 

YEAR 2010 
2010  July  Qiao Lu Dr. Neta Dean  Biochemistry & Cell Biology  

YEAR 2009 
2009  June  Kevin Knockenhauer  Prof. Sanford Simon and Katarzyna Sawicka  Biochemistry & Cell Biology 

2009  August  Jeffrey Fei  Dr. Steven O. Smith  Biochemistry & Cell Biology 

YEAR 2008 
2008  March  Eugene Tan Dr. Robert Haltiwanger  Biochemistry & Cell Biology 

2008  July 

Sumaira Zamurrad

Dr. Sanford Simon;
and Elizabeth Roemer 
Biochemistry & Cell Biology;
and Pathology 

2008  April 

Cindy Thomas

Dr. Anne Savitt  Molecular Genetics & Microbiology 

2008  October  Alexander Chamessian Dr. Michael Frohman;
and Dr. Isaac Carrico 
Pharmacological Sciences;
and Chemistry 

2008  December  Jean-Luc Chaubard Drs. Robert Haltiwanger and Bernadette Holdener  Biochemistry & Cell Biology 

YEAR 2007 
2007  July  Rohit Repala  Prof. Iwao Ojima;
and Prof. Francis Johnson 
and Pharmacological Sciences 

2007 November 

Ewelina Fiedor

Dr. Marta Miaczynska;
Dr. Adam Singer;
and Dr. Stephen Yazulla 
Intl. Inst. Molec. Cell Bio, Warsaw, Poland; Emergency Medicine;
and Neurobiology & Behavior 

2007  December  Justy Alicea Dr. David Krause  Anatomical Sciences 

YEAR 2006 
2006  March  Yuk-ting (Joyce) Lau Prof. Bassem Allam School of Marine & Atmospheric Sciences

2006  July Ami & Ashley Amini Drs. Lorne Golub & Hsi-Ming Lee School of Dental Medicine

2006  November  Patricia Ng Dr. Elinor Schoenfeld Preventive Medicine

YEAR 2005 
2005  November  Alexandra Smolyanskaya  Prof. Berhane Ghebrehiwet Dept. of Medicine (Division of Allergy & Clinical Immunology)





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