Neurobiology and Behavior - Research Sponsors

ACADEMIC YEAR (Fall & Spring)

Faculty Sponsor   Course   Sect.   Research Interests

Adams, Paul   BIO 486   T15   Models of synaptic learning; neocortical design

Collins, William F.   BIO 486   T04   Motoneuron physiology and plasticity  

Evinger, Craig   BIO 486   T16   Motor control and learning; Movement disorders

Fontanini, Alfredo   BIO 486   T07   Neurophysiology of gustatory and olfactory systems in behaving rodents 

Ge, Shaoyu   BIO 486   T09   Molecular mechanisms and function of new neurons in the brain 

Halegoua, Simon   BIO 486   T17   Neuronal Growth Factor Signaling and the Control of Phenotype and Survival 

Kernan, Maurice   BIO 486   T23   Drosophila mechanosensory transduction; differentiation of sensory cilia; sperm storage and competition 

Kritzer, Mary   BIO 486   T22   Sex differences in cortical microcircuitry 

LaCamera, Giancarlo   BIO 486   T20   Computational models of learning and decision making  

Levine, Joel M.   BIO 486   T19   Molecular biology of nerve regeneration; nerve-glia interactions 

Maffei, Arianna   BIO 486   T11   Experience-dependent rewiring of cortical circuits 

Matthews, Gary G.   BIO 486   T06   Cellular and molecular neurobiology of the retina 

McKinnon, David   BIO 486   T21   Molecular control of neuron firing properties 

Mendell, Lorne   BIO 486   T08   Functional effects of neurotrophins in pain and segmental reflex pathways 

Role, Lorna   BIO 486   T03   Mechanisms of synaptic plasticity 

Shelly, Maya    BIO 486   T24   Molecular mechanisms of embryonic brain development; Axon regeneration; Neurodegenerative disorders

Sirotkin, Howard   BIO 486   T32   Molecular genetics of vertebrate neural patterning 

Wollmuth, Lonnie   BIO 486   T25   Molecular mechanisms of synaptic transmission  

Undergraduate Biology, 107-112 CMM/BLL, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY 11794-5110 - 631 632-8530, 631-632-1680 (fax)

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