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Faculty Sponsor   Course   Sect.   Research Interests

Allam, Bassem           Pathobiology and Immunobiology of Marine Shellfish

Aller, Josephine           Microbial-biogeochemistry, Marine benthic ecology, Biosensors

Aller, Robert           Marine biogeochemistry, marine animal-sediment relations

Armstrong, Robert           Mathematical modeling in marine ecology and biogeochemistry

Black, David           Paleoclimatology, paleoceanography, deep-sea sediments, marine micropaleontology

Bretsch, Kurt           Marine and Environmental Science Education, Coastal Community Ecology 

Brownawell, Bruce           Biogeochemistry of organic pollutants in seawater and groundwater

Cerrato, Robert           Benthic ecology, population and community dynamics

Chapman, Demian           Molecular ecology, conservation, elasmobranch (sharks, batoids) biology, acoustic and satellite telemetry, marine reserve design, evolution of vertebrate mating systems and mate choice, wildlife forensics 

Collier, Jackie   BIO 489   T32   Phytoplankton physiological ecology; Biocomplexity and microbial diversity; Planktonic ecosystem processes in marine, estuarine, and freshwater systems

Conover, David   BIO 489   T24   Ecology of fish, fisheries biology

Fisher, Nicholas           Marine phytoplankton physiology and ecology, biogeo-chemistry of metals, marine pollution

Frisk, Michael           Fish ecology, population modeling and life history theory

Gobler, Christopher           Phytoplankton, harmful algal blooms, estuarine ecology, aquatic biogeochemistry

Lonsdale, Darcy           Ecology and physiology of marine zooplankton; food web dynamics of estuarine plankton and the impacts of harmful algal blooms

Lopez, Glenn   BIO 489   T27   Marine benthic ecology, animal-sediment interaction

McElroy, Anne            Aquatic Toxicology

Nye, Janet           Fish ecology, climate variability, global environmental change, ecosystem-based management

Peterson, Brad            Community ecology of seagrass dominated ecosystems

Pikitch, Ellen           Ocean conservation, fisheries management, ecosystem-based approaches, endangered fishes, sharks, sturgeon

Taylor, Gordon           Marine microbiology; interests in microbial ecology,plankton trophodynamics, and marine biofouling

Thorne, Lesley           Bio-physical and trophic interactions in marine ecology; application of spatial analysis and landscape ecology techniques to marine conservation

Warren, Joseph           Acoustical oceanography, Zooplankton behavior and ecology

Undergraduate Biology, 107-112 CMM/BLL, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY 11794-5110 - 631 632-8530, 631-632-1680 (fax)

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