Ecology and Evolution Research Sponsors

ACADEMIC YEAR (Fall & Spring)

Faculty Sponsor   Course   Sect.   Research Interests

Akcakaya, Haluk   BIO 489   T08   Focus is on developing and applying quantitative methods to address questions in conservation biology and environmental risk assessment. 

Baines, Stephen   BIO 489   T09   Connections between ecosystem function and community structure, and how connections are influenced by environmental context and historical contingency 

Bell, Michael   BIO 489   T07   We study the causes of temporal and spatial variation using the threespine stickleback fish, Gasterosteus aculeatus, as a model. 

Davalos-Alvarez, Liliana   BIO 489   T13   Effects of environmental change on evolution and conservation

Eanes, Walter   BIO 489   T16   Population genetics and molecular evolution of Drosophila as a model. We are attempting to interface life history, populations genetics, pathway influences, and phenotypic effects of individual metabolic enzymes.  

Futuyma, Douglas (email)   BIO 489   T06   Research interests in evolution focus primarily on speciation and evolution of ecological interactions among species

Graham, Catherine   BIO 489   T03   Landscape and behavioral ecology, with emphasis on how human-altered landscapes affect ecological processes; and bioinformatics/ geographic information systems modeling to examine how current and historical environmental factors affect species distribution

Gurevitch, Jessica   BIO 489   T02    Most work involves experimental investigation of fundamental ecological questions of plant populations and communities. Statistical applications in ecology, particularly in design and analysis of ecological experiments. Concerned with addressing questions of basic scientific interest, we have also attempted to connect basic research to issues with applied/ conservation relevance. 

Henn, Brenna           My research lab investigates patterns of human genetic diversity and evolution by pairing genomic datasets with information about phenotype, language and prehistory.

Levinton, Jeffrey   BIO 489   T10    Broad interests in trophic ecology, functional morphology, soft-bottom benthic ecology, and evolutionary aspects of marine ecological processes. Also work in macroevolution, with most recent work engaged in timing radiation of animal phyla by means of molecular divergence estimates

Lynch, Heather   BIO 489   T31   Ecology and conservation with a focus on long-term monitoring, quantitative modeling, and statistical analysis of avian communities. 

  BIO 489               The origin and significance of genomic and epigenetic variation in flowering plant species.

Nehm, Ross           Science learning, with a focus on biological concepts such as natural selection and evolution. Prior work has examined novice and expert reasoning strategies, psychometric evaluation of education instruments, science teacher belief revision, conceptual restructuring of folk-biological knowledge, and the comparative efficacy of educational innovations.

Padilla, Dianna   BIO 489   T25    Phenotypic plasticity; plant herbivore functional ecology; patterns of spread and impacts of invading species in aquatic ecosystems

Rest, Joshua   BIO 489   T12    Relationship between variation in regulatory elements, variation in transcripts, and organismal fitness. We use bioinformatic analysis to generate predictions, which are validated experimentally in yeast

  BIO 489           Taxonomy, systematics, and the evolution of ecological interactions. 

True, John   BIO 489   T23   Interests range from speciation to sexual selection to developmental genetics of phenotypic evolution

Veeramah, Krishna   BIO 489       Our primary focus is examining genetic diversity in human and non-human primates.

Undergraduate Biology, 107-112 CMM/BLL, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY 11794-5110 - 631 632-8530, 631-632-1680 (fax)

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