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BIOCHEM Biochem & Cell Biol  - NEURO Neurobiology & Behavior  -  PNB Physiology & Biophysics

ANESTHES Anesthesiology  - OBST/GYN Ob, Gyn & Reprod Med  - PREV MED Preventive Medicine

BIOMED Biomedical Engineering  - ORAL BIO Oral Biology & Pathol  - PSYCHOL Psychology 

CANCER Cancer Center  - ORTHO Ortho/Pedia Dent  - SURG Surgery  

CHEM Chemistry  - PATHOL Pathology  - UGBIO Undergrad Bio  

MEDIC Medicine  - PEDIA Pediatrics      

MICRO Molec Genetics/Microbio  - PHARM Pharmacology      


Faculty Sponsor   Course   Sect.   Dept.   Research Interests

Aguirre, Adan    BIO 487   T63   PHARM   Cellular and molecular mechanisms that regulate the transition of undifferentiated neural progenitor cells (“neural stem cells”) into specialized neural cells during normal development, and how these mechanisms function in pathological situations

Ballas, Nurit   BIO 487   T17   BIOCHEM   Transcriptional repressor REST and corepressor CoREST in neural development. Molecular mechanism(s) underlying disorder Rett Syndrome (RTT)

Benach, Jorge    BIO 487   T69   MICRO    Pathogenesis of spirochetal infections and their host responses 

Benjamin, William (email)    BIO 487   T70       EMERITUS 

Bergamaschi, Roberto   BIO 487   T39   SURG    Colon and rectal cancer 

Bhaduri-McIntosh, Sumita  (email)   BIO 487   T104   PEDIA   Pediatric infectious diseases  

Bialkowska, Agnieszka (email)    BIO 487   T56   MEDIC   Gastroenterology and hepatology 

Bingham, Paul   BIO 487   T29    BIOCHEM    Genetic control of development and gene expression in animals 

Bliska, James   BIO 487   T98    MICRO    Molecular mechanisms that underlie pathogenesis or host protection during host-microbe cell interactions. In particular, the activities of virulence factors that promote pathogenesis as well as trigger protective host innate and adaptive immune responses 

Bogenhagen, Daniel    BIO 487   T71    PHARM    Mitochondrial Molecular Biology

Brink, Peter   BIO 487   T49   PNB    Intercellular communication: Gap junctions 

Brown, Deborah   BIO 487   T03    BIOCHEM   Cholesterol/sphingolipid-rich domains in membrane signaling

Canals, Daniel (email)   BIO 487   T101    CANCER     

Canli, Turhan    BIO 487   T68   PSYCHOL    Neural and genetic basis of personality and emotion 

Carrico, Isaac S.    BIO 487   T15    CHEM    Modification of viral surfaces; Protein pharmaceutical stabilization; Tracking PTMs as a function of cell physiology  

Citovsky, Vitaly   BIO 487   T23    BIOCHEM   Intercellular transport, genetic transformation, and chromatin remodeling in plants

Clarke, Christopher (email)   BIO 487   T111   CANCER    

Colognato, Holly    BIO 487   T60   PHARM   Extracellular matrix in the brain: roles during development and during neurodegeneration

Czaplinski, Kevin   BIO 487   T11    BIOCHEM    mRNA transport and post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression in the nervous system  

Dean, Neta    BIO 487   T07   BIOCHEM   Protein glycosylation   

Del Poeta, Maurizio    BIO 487   T62   MICRO   Sphingolipid metabolism and signaling in fungal and mammalian cells to identify new markers for early diagnosis and specific microbial enzymes/molecules essential to cause infection in the attempt to develop new antifungal targets. 

Delihas, Nicholas    BIO 487   T46   MICRO   EMERITUS; Regulation of gene expression by small RNAs. Annotation of genes. Repetitive sequences in intergenic regions in bacteria 

Demple, Bruce    BIO 487   T34    PHARM    Cellular Systems to Counteract Oxidative Damage

Deutsch, Dale    BIO 487   T06    BIOCHEM   Uptake of endocannabinoids and neurobiochemistry/ cell biology of enzymes involved in their metabolism

Erster, Susan (email)    BIO 487   T28    BIOCHEM   Cancer Biology; Genomics

Erezyilmaz, Deniz (email)   BIO 487   T79    BIOCHEM     

Ferguson, Fred    BIO 487   T31    ORTHO   Oral health concerns for pediatric and special needs patients, development of training protocols for health professionals 

Fleit, Howard    BIO 487   T65   PATHOL    Leukocyte Fc receptors; granulocyte/macrophage growth and differentiation

Floyd, Thomas   BIO 487   T01    ANESTHES     Fiber optic monitoring for spinal ischemia 

French, Jarrod   BIO 487   T114   CHEM   Characterization of multifunctional proteins involved in purine and pyrimidine biosynthesis in eukaryotes

Frohman, Michael     BIO 487   T74    PHARM    Lipid Signaling: Roles in mitochondrial biology, spermatogenesis, diabetes, immune function, the CNS, platelet activation, and cancer; - Imaging Pancreatic β-cells using metabolomics and MRI

Furie, Martha    BIO 487   T75    PATHOL   Molecular mechanisms controlling the movement of leukocytes across the vessel wall, particularly in the context of bacterial infections. two bacterial illnesses, Lyme disease and tularemia 

Garcia-Diaz, Miguel    BIO 487   T33   PHARM     DNA Damage Repair, Mitochondrial Biology, Consortium for Inter-Disciplinary Environmental Research

Gergen, J. Peter    BIO 487   T40    BIOCHEM    Regulation of gene expression during Drosophila development 

Gersch, Robert    BIO 487   T92    SURG    Studies elucidating the process of arteriogenesis and vessel formation in response to vessel blockage with specific focus on the role of the early growth response (Egr-1) gene as a master switch for this process in both mouse and rat in vivo. We continue to generate evidence demonstrating the necessity of this gene to overcoming occlusion in the arterial network, and are now embarking on novel preliminary studies relevant to this protocol. 

Ghebrehiwet, Berhane   BIO 487   T78    MEDIC   Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of the Complement system with particular emphasis on the C1q receptors 

Girnun, Geoffrey   BIO 487   T116   PATHOL   The metabolic control of hepatocellular carcinoma by PGC1 alpha and he is also investigating PPAR gamma coactivation in obesity and colon cancer

Glynn, Steven     BIO 487   T67   BIOCHEM   Structure and mechanism of protein-unfolding machines in mitochondria  

Grollman, Arthur   BIO 487   T26   PHARM   Molecular Carcinogenesis: Mechanisms of DNA Repair and Mutagenesis in Mammalian Cells 

Halegoua, Simon   BIO 487   T47    NEURO    Our lab has worked to dissect the signal transduction pathways for NT actions using a neuronal cell line, PC12, and in primary cultures of peripheral and central neurons from rat and mouse

Haltiwanger, Robert   BIO 487   T41    BIOCHEM    Role of protein glycosylation in signal transduction and quality control 

Hayman, Michael    BIO 487   T81    MICRO    Understand the regulatory mechanisms that control the proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis of cells and how oncoproteins subvert these mechanisms to cause cancer. 

Hearing, Patrick   BIO 487   T25   MICRO   Human CNA tumor virus, adenovirus (Ad). Regulation of cell proliferation, gene expression, and host responses to virus infection

Hitchcock, Ian S. (email)    BIO 487   T106    MEDIC   Hematology and oncology  

Holdener, Bernadette    BIO 487   T13    BIOCHEM    Role of mesd in embryonic development and trafficking the low-density lipoprotein receptor family

Hollingsworth, Nancy    BIO 487   T37   BIOCHEM    Chromosome behavior in yeast meiosis  

Jerath, Avinash (email)    BIO 487   T77    PEDIA    lung surfactant biology and fetal lung development. Current research efforts are focused on regulation of lung surfactant secretion

Kaczocha, Martin    BIO 487   T80    ANESTHES   Fatty acid binding proteins and endocannabinoid transport; Mechanisms of pain 

Karzai, A. Wali   BIO 487   T50    BIOCHEM    Structure and function of RNA-binding proteins and biochemical studies of the SmpB•tmRNA quality control system 

Kernan, Maurice    BIO 487   T84   NEURO   Our research combines Drosophila genetics, molecular biology and electrophysiology to investigate the cellular and molecular basis for the mechanical senses: touch, hearing and proprioception

Kew, Richard     BIO 487   T85   PATHOL    Leukocyte chemotaxis; inflammation; pulmonary immunopathology

Konopka, James     BIO 487   T86   MICRO    Molecular mechanisms regulating cell growth and development in yeast. In particular, the pathways that regulate the fungal pathogen Candida albicans during infection. Also comparative studies on the regulation of mating of the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae.  

Krug, Laurie   BIO 487   T02   MICRO   Molecular virology. Virus pathogens. Virus-host interactions. Herpesvirus latency. Innate & adaptive immunity 

Levine, Joel    BIO 487   T59   NEURO   The biology and functions of a unique class of glial cells known as oligodendrocyte precursor cells (OPCs), NG2-glia, or polydendrocytes

Li, Ellen   BIO 487   T22   MEDIC   Bioinformatics; Colorectal Cancer; Inflammatory Bowel Disease; Gene Expression; Microbial Pathogenesis; Gastroenterology; Biostatistics; Genetic Markers; Microbial Ecology; Systematic Biology

Li, Huilin   BIO 487   T05   BIOCHEM   Structure and function of large protein machines

London, Erwin   BIO 487   T30   BIOCHEM   Membrane protein structure and function

Luberto, Chiara (email)   BIO 487   T105   PNB   Sphingolipid metabolism and signaling 

Luk, Edward   BIO 487   T72   BIOCHEM   Chromosome biology and genome regulation 

Lyman, Harvard     BIO 487   T42    BIOCHEM    Photoregulation of Chloroplast Synthesis. Redox Regulation of Phototaxis

Mackenzie, Gerardo    BIO 487    T110    CANCER    Evaluating novel targets and mechanism-based pharmacological agents for the management of colon and pancreatic cancer, having achieved remarkable anticancer efficacies in preliminary studies. 

Mackow, Erich    BIO 487   T102    MICRO    Viral pathogenesis and regulation of innate immunity; hantavirus pathogenic mechanisms and regulation of innate immunity; Dengue virus

Malbon, Craig     BIO 487   T87   PHARM   Signal Transduction in Differentiation and Development: Roles of Molecular Scaffold Molecules (e.g., AKAPs and Dishevelleds)

Mallipattu, Sandeep   BIO 487   T113   MEDIC    

Marchenko, Natialia   BIO 487   T117   PATHOL    

Marcu, Kenneth    BIO 487   T24   BIOCHEM   Roles of NF- k B activating IKKs in innate and adaptive immunity and cancer; Mechanisms of action AID in antibody class switching

Martin, Benjamin    BIO 487   T66   BIOCHEM   Stem cell maintenance and differentiation, Developmental mechanisms of cancer pathogenesis 

Matmati, Nabil (email)   BIO 487   T91   CANCER    

McKinnon, David   BIO 487   T88   NEURO   How do cellular electrophysiological systems evolve. To what extent does homeostatic regulation control ion channel expression in the adult

Miller, Todd    BIO 487   T89   PNB   Structure and function of enzymes involved in signal transduction 

Moll, Ute    BIO 487   T90   PATHOL    Tumor suppressor genes, the role of the p53/p73/p63 gene family in human cancer, transcription-independent mitochondrial apoptosis program of p53 

Moloney, Daniel    BIO 487   T16    BIOCHEM    Biotechnology; Molecular Biology and Biochemistry of model systems; Science Teacher Education 

Morrison, Sidonie    BIO 487   T32   MEDIC    Mechanisms of AIDS pathogenesis, including how host factors normally involved in the inflammatory response modulate infection of cells by HIV-1

Naidu, Mamta (email)    BIO 487   T43    PHARM    

Neiman, Aaron     BIO 487   T09    BIOCHEM    The cell biology of sporulation in yeast

O'Neal, Marvin 
  BIO 487   T18    UGBIO     

Prives, Joav   BIO 487   T54    PHARM    Regulation of Surface Receptors in Muscle Cells

Rafailovich, Miriam H.    BIO 487   T93   MAT SCI    Director of an interdisciplinary NSF  center for the Polymers at Engineered Interfaces. This center specializes in  polymer nanocomposites, polymer thin film coatings, flame retardant  nanocomposites, supercritical fluid processing, and biomateirals/tissue  engineering constructs. The center is an NSF pilot project for the seamless  integration of research with education.  

Raleigh, Daniel      BIO 487   T61    CHEM   Protein folding, protein structure and the mechanism of amyloid formation 

Rebecchi, Mario      BIO 487   T82    ANESTHES   Gene Regulation by Phosphoinositides, Ischemia and Reperfusion, Opiate Tolerance 

Reich, Nancy    BIO 487   T36   MICRO    Cytokines and Viral Defense 

Rizk, Christine   BIO 487   T100   SURG   Breast surgery; Diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer; Nipple-sparing mastectomy; Management of high-risk breast cancer patients 

Roemer, Elizabeth (email)    BIO 487   T10    OBST/GYN    Research coordinator for OB/GYN 

Rubinstein, Wei   BIO 487   T109   BME   Cardiovascular dynamics and computational fluid dynamics; Platelet and endothelial cell functions under physiological and pathological flow conditions; Cardiovascular disease related inflammatory responses, especially complement activation; Effects of secondhand smoke on the development of cardiovascular diseases; Biomarker identification in cardiovascular diseases; Biomedical applications of aerogels

Sampson, Nicole   BIO 487   T94    CHEM    Relationship between protein structure and protein function and synthesizing chemical tools to probe and control biological function 


Scarlata, Suzanne   BIO 487   T95   PNB   Mechanisms through which G proteins activate effectors

Seeliger, Jessica    BIO 487   T35    PHARM    Membrane biosynthesis, structure & behavior in bacterial pathogenesis

Seeliger, Markus    BIO 487   T51    PHARM    Molecular Mechanism of Protein Kinase and Ubiquitin Ligase signaling in Cancer and Aging

Senkal, Can (email)   BIO 487   T107   CANCER     

Shroyer, Kenneth    BIO 487   T08    PATHOL   Cancer (ovarian, cervical); Tumors; Translational Research; Ob/Gyn; Oncology; Bioimaging; Cytopathology; Biomarkers

Simmerling, Carlos    BIO 487   T04    CHEM    Computational Structural Biology

Simon, Marcia    BIO 487   T20    ORAL BIO    Development and production of cell based therapies for the treatment of partial and full thickness injury to oral, cutaneous and ocular surfaces; regulation of epithelial differentiation; retinoid and non-retinoid lipid metabolism in epithelial and mesenchymal cells 

Simon, Sanford   BIO 487   T12    BIOCHEM    Extracellular degradation by neutrophil proteases 

Singer, Adam (email)   BIO 487   T108   EMER MED    

Sitharaman, Balaji    BIO 487   T14   BIOMED   Multidisciplinary approach for the development of functional (electronic, optical, magnetic, or structural) bionanosystems as contrast agents for molecular imaging, as carriers for drug delivery, and as structural scaffolds for tissue engineering.  

Smith, Steven O.   BIO 487   T73    BIOCHEM    Structure and function of membrane proteins  

Snider, Ashley (email)   BIO 487   T48   MEDIC   Gastroenterology and hepatology 

Souza, Joanne   BIO 487   T19   UGBIO    

Spector, Ilan   BIO 487   T53   PNB   Electrophysiology of nerve and muscle cell lines; ion channels; neurotoxins 

Spitzer, Eric   BIO 487   T96   PATHOL   Molecular biology of microbial pathogens

Steigbigel, Roy   BIO 487   T97   MEDIC   Mononuclear and polymorphonuclear phagocyte functions; macrophage function in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection

Swaminathan, S.   BIO 487   T115   BNL   Understanding the structure-function relationship in macromolecules, especially bacterial toxins, via x-ray crystallography. Research projects include structural work on Staphylococcus aureus enterotoxins, Clostridium botulinum neurotoxins, Clostridium perfringens enterotoxin, outer surface proteins of Borrelia burgdorferi, Shewanella putrefaciens proteins involved in metal reduction, etc.  

Takemaru, Ken-Ichi    BIO 487   T52   PHARM   Cell Signaling and Ciliogenesis in Mammalian Development, Health and Disease

Thanassi, David   BIO 487   T44    MICRO   Understanding mechanisms of virulence protein secretion by bacteria and the functions of secreted virulence factors within the host

Thomsen, Gerald   BIO 487    T21   BIOCHEM    Mechanisms of cell fate determination and embryonic development  

Tonge, Peter    BIO 487    T64    CHEM    How proteins control and modulate the properties of small molecule ligands 

Tsirka, Styliani-Anna    BIO 487   T55    PHARM    Neuro-immune interactions: Cross-talk between the nervous and immune systems in health and disease

van der Velden, Adrianus   BIO 487   T27    MICRO    The mammalian T cell response to Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium 

Van Nostrand, William     BIO 487   T38    MEDIC    Alzheimer's Disease; Cerebrovascular Disorders; Hemorrhage; Neurodegenerative Diseases; Stroke

Viboud, Gloria   BIO 487   T103   MICRO   Understanding the molecular mechanisms of TTSS translocation in Yersinia; The role of a recently identified type III secretion system in the pathogenesis of
non-toxigenic V. cholerae (NTVC).

Williams, Jennie   BIO 487   T83   PREV MED   investigated the use of gene therapy in the prevention of AIDS and done extensive work on NO-NSAIDs. Currently, she is defining the mechanistic role of NF-κB in colon cancer prevention in response to novel chemopreventive agents. 

Wilson, Paul F.   BIO 487   T58    BNL    Effects of LET ionizing radiation; Links between cellular radiosensitivity, individual cancer predisposition, and genetics; Developing radiation biodosimetry assays using techniques such as combinatorial immunocytochemistry, molecular cytogenetics, and novel DNA sensing/amplification technologies; validating new radiation biodosimetry assays against “gold-standard” radiobiological assays; Assessing population-level functional variation in biological responses to ionizing radiation given our inherently large degree of genetic diversity.

Wimmer, Eckard   BIO 487   T45   MICRO    RNA viruses, particularly picornaviruses, whose prototype is poliovirus 

Yang, Jianchang   BIO 487    T57   SURG    Cardiac gene therapy; Stem cell therapy

Zong, Weixing    BIO 487   T76   MICRO    Study the molecular regulation of cancer cell death despite their impaired apoptosis machinery 

Undergraduate Biology, 107-112 CMM/BLL, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY 11794-5110 - 631 632-8530, 631-632-1680 (fax)

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