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NEURO Neurobiology and Behavior    - PEDIAT Pediatrics

ANESTHES     Anesthesiology  - PHARM Pharmacology

BME Biomedical Engineering  - PNB Physiology and Biophysics  

BNL Brookhaven National Lab  - PSYCHIAT Psychiatry

NEUROL Neurology  - PSYCHOL Psychology

NEUROS Neurosurgery  -    


Faculty Sponsor       Course   Sect.     Dept.     Research Interests

Frohman, Michael A.        BIO 486   T01   
Regulation of exocytosis and cell shape by signaling proteins 

Role, Lorna       BIO 486   T03     NEURO      Mechanisms of synaptic plasticity 

Collins, William F.       BIO 486   T04     NEURO      Motoneuron physiology and plasticity  

Brink, Peter R.       BIO 486   T05      PNB      Cell to Cell Communication

Matthews, Gary G.       BIO 486   T06     NEURO      Cellular and molecular neurobiology of the retina 

Fontanini, Alfredo       BIO 486   T07     NEURO      Neurophysiology of gustatory and olfactory systems in behaving rodents 

Mendell, Lorne       BIO 486   T08     NEURO      Functional effects of neurotrophins in pain and segmental reflex pathways 

Ge, Shaoyu       BIO 486   T09     NEURO      Molecular mechanisms and function of new neurons in the brain 

Naidu, Mamta (email)       BIO 486   T10     PHARM       

Maffei, Arianna       BIO 486   T11     NEURO      Experience-dependent rewiring of cortical circuits 

Andriola, Mary R.       BIO 486   T12     NEUROL      Multiple studies of the anti-epileptic drugs and the vagal nerve stimulator. 

Qin, Yi-Xian        BIO 486   T13     BME      Early diagnostic of osteoporosis 

Adams, Paul       BIO 486   T15     NEURO      Models of synaptic learning; neocortical design

Evinger, Leslie C.        BIO 486   T16     NEURO      Motor control and learning; Movement disorders

Halegoua, Simon       BIO 486   T17     NEURO      Neuronal Growth Factor Signaling and the Control of Phenotype and Survival 

Evinger, Marian       BIO 486   T18     PEDIAT      Neural regulation of gene expression

Levine, Joel M.       BIO 486   T19     NEURO      Molecular biology of nerve regeneration; nerve-glia interactions 

La Camera, Giancarlo       BIO 486   T20     NEURO      Computational models of learning and decision making  

McKinnon, David       BIO 486   T21     NEURO      Molecular control of neuron firing properties 

Kritzer, Mary       BIO 486   T22     NEURO      Sex differences in cortical microcircuitry 

Kernan, Maurice       BIO 486   T23     NEURO      Drosophila mechanosensory transduction; differentiation of sensory cilia; sperm storage and competition 

Shelly, Maya       BIO 486   T24     NEURO      Molecular mechanisms of embryonic brain development; Axon regeneration; Neurodegenerative disorders

Wollmuth, Lonnie       BIO 486   T25     NEURO      Molecular mechanisms of synaptic transmission  

Cohen, Ira S.       BIO 486   T26     PNB      Electrophysiology of the heart; synaptic physiology 

Morin, Lawrence P.       BIO 486   T27     PSYCHIAT      Neural control of mammalian circadian rhythms 

Talmage, David A.       BIO 486   T28     PHARM     
Neuregulin–erbB receptor signaling in the nervous system: neuronal survival and synapse formation and maintenance

Pentyala, Srinivas       BIO 486   T30     ANESTHES      Molecular mechanisms of anesthetics

Leung, Hoi-Chung        BIO 486   T31     PSYCHOL      Neural basis of cognitive processes, with particular emphasis on the prefrontal cortex and on working memory.  

Sirotkin, Howard I.       BIO 486   T32     NEURO      Molecular genetics of vertebrate neural patterning 

Tsirka, Styliana-Anna E.        BIO 486   T33     PHARM     
Neuronal-microglial interactions in the physiology and pathology of the central nervous system

Dilger, James        BIO 486   T34     ANESTHES      Neuromuscular junction; ion channels in nerve membranes 

Miller, Todd        BIO 486   T35     PNB      Structure and function of enzymes involved in signal transduction. 

Krupp, Lauren B.        BIO 486   T36     NEUROL      Clinical Trials; CNS Demyelination; Multiple Sclerosis; Neuromyelitis Optica (Devic's Disease); Optic Neuritis; Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis and related disorders; Transverse Myelitis, Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis 

Goldstein, Rita        BIO 486   T37     BNL      Neuroimaging, drug addiction, neuropsychology,cognitive neuroscience

Hellinger, Jeffrey        BIO 486   T38            

Scarlata, Suzanne F.       BIO 486   T39     PNB      Mechanisms through which G proteins activate effectors.

Souza, Joanne          BIO 486   T40     UGBIO       

Robinson, John K.       BIO 486   T41     PSYCHOL      Behavioral Neuroscience 

        BIO 486   T42           TBD 

Anderson, Brenda J.       BIO 486   T43     PSYCHOL      Biological basis for the effects of exercise and stress on mental health and cognition. 

Sadasivan, Chandramouli (email)       BIO 486   T44     NEUROSUR       

Lee, Hedok       BIO 486   T45     ANESTHES       

Kotov, Roman       BIO 486   T46     PSYCHIAT     Refining the classification of mental disorders, which involves identify natural clusters of symptoms and charting trajectories of these syndromes over time. Vulnerabilities to these disorders: genes, neural circuits, and personality traits. 

Solomon, Irene C.       BIO 486   T47     PNB     Reflex and central neural control of cardiovascular and respiratory function 

Acosta Martinez, Maricedes       BIO 486   T48     PNB     Neuroendocrine regulation of the reproductive axis; signal transduction pathways and metabolic control 

        BIO 486   T49           TBD

        BIO 486   T50           TBD

Undergraduate Biology, 107-112 CMM/BLL, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY 11794-5110 - 631 632-8530, 631-632-1680 (fax)

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