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Faculty Sponsor   Course   Sect.   Research Interests

Ballas, Nurit   BIO 487   T17   Transcriptional repressor REST and corepressor CoREST in neural development; Molecular mechanism(s) underlying disorder Rett Syndrome (RTT)

Bingham, Paul   BIO 487   T29   Genetic control of development and gene expression in animals 

Brown, Deborah   BIO 487   T03   Cholesterol/sphingolipid-rich domains in membrane signaling 

Citovsky, Vitaly   BIO 487   T23   Intercellular transport, genetic transformation, and chromatin remodeling in plants 

Czaplinski, Kevin   BIO 487   T11   mRNA transport and post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression in the nervous system 

Dean, Neta   BIO 487   T07   Protein glycosylation 

Deutsch, Dale   BIO 487   T06   Uptake of endocannabinoids and neurobiochemistry/ cell biology of enzymes involved in their metabolism

El-Maghrabi, Raafat           Metabolic regulation of gene expression. First, delineating the factors involved in regulating expression of 6-phosphofructo-2-kinase/fructose-2,6-bisphosphatase genes; the products of these genes are responsible for modulating rates of glycolysis in almost all cell types. A second interest of the lab deals with the structure/function relationships of the products of these genes, the enzymes themselves, with respect to reciprocal regulation of the two opposing activities by phosphorylation, and the interaction of the two domains. 

Erezyilmas, Deniz (email)   BIO 487   T79     

Erster, Susan (email)   BIO 487   T28   Cancer Biology; Genomics

French, Jarrod   BIO 487   T114   Characterization of multifunctional proteins involved in purine and pyrimidine biosynthesis in eukaryotes

Gergen, J. Peter   BIO 487   T40   Regulation of gene expression during Drosophila development 

Glynn, Steven   BIO 487   T67   Structure and mechanism of protein-unfolding machines in mitochondria

Haltiwanger, Robert   BIO 487   T41   Role of protein glycosylation in signal transduction and quality control 

Hannun, Yusuf           Cancer cell signaling 

Hitchcock, Ian   BIO 487   T106    Our research focuses on the positive and negative regulation of TPO signaling, particularly the mechanisms that control TPO-mediated c-Mpl endocytosis and degradation to gain a better understanding of c-Mpl receptor cycling.  We are also interested in finding novel protein-protein interactions that regulate c-Mpl signaling using a proteomic approach. 

Holdener, Bernadette   BIO 487   T13   Role of mesd in embryonic development and trafficking the low-density lipoprotein receptor family 

Hollingsworth, Nancy   BIO 487   T37   Chromosome behavior in yeast meiosis 

Kaczocha, Martin   BIO 487   T80   Fatty acid binding proteins and endocannabinoid transport; Mechanisms of pain 

Karzai, Wali   BIO 487   T50   Structure and function of RNA-binding proteins and biochemical studies of the SmpB•tmRNA quality control system 

Lennarz, William           Emeritus. Biosynthesis and degradation of glycoproteins 

Levy, Sasha           Evolutionary dynamics, network dynamics, yeast genomics, high-throughput technology development

Li, Huilin   BIO 487   T05   Structure and function of large protein machines 

Liu, Chang-Jun           Understanding the biosynthesis of plant phenylpropanoids, the molecular mechanisms     underlying their metabolic regulation, as well as the biogenesis of cell wall lignocelluloses.

Liu, Qiong (Alison)           The current research aims to understand how global warming conditions impact on Arabidopsis plant epigenomes.   

London, Erwin   BIO 487   T30   Membrane protein structure/translocation/folding 

Luk, Ed   BIO 487   T72    Chromosome biology and genome regulation 

Lyman, Harvard   BIO 487   T42   Photoregulation of Chloroplast Synthesis. Redox Regulation of Phototaxis 

Marcu, Kenneth   BIO 487   T24   Roles of NF- k B activating IKKs in innate and adaptive immunity and cancer; Mechanisms of action AID in antibody class switching 

Martin, Benjamin   BIO 487   T66   Stem cell maintenance and differentiation, Developmental mechanisms of cancer pathogenesis 

Matus, David Q.           Evolutionary, cell and developmental biological approaches to studying nematode uterine-vuval attachment and morphogenesis

Moloney, Daniel   BIO 487   T16   Biotechnology; Molecular Biology and Biochemistry of model systems; Science Teacher Education

Neiman, Aaron   BIO 487   T09   The cell biology of sporulation in yeast 

Setlow, Richard (email)           DNA damage and repair in cells and animals exposed to UV or to ionizing radiation

Shanklin, John           Structure-function analysis on the soluble and integral membrane classes of desaturases to understand the basis for chain length specificity, regiospecificity and the control of functional outcome. We are also interested in the ways enzyme functionality evolves, and have engineered desaturase to have desired properties in a redesigned enzyme that outperforms naturally occurring enzymes of the same specificity when engineered into transgenic plants.

Simon, Sanford   BIO 487   T12   Extracellular degradation by neutrophil proteases 

Schmidt, Matthew (email)            

Smith, Steven O.   BIO 487   T73     Structure and function of membrane proteins 

Souza, Joanne   BIO 487   T19    

Studier, F. W.

          Conformations and interactions of DNA, molecular genetics and biochemistry of bacteriophage T7, and making T7 RNA polymerase and T7 expression signals useful for production of RNAs and protei

Takeuchi, Hideyuki (email)            

Thomsen, Gerald   BIO 487   T21   Mechanisms of cell fate determination and embryonic development 

Zachar, Zuzana (email)            

Undergraduate Biology, 107-112 CMM/BLL, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY 11794-5110 - 631 632-8530, 631-632-1680 (fax)

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