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Faculty Sponsor   Course   Sect.   Research Interests

Adsumelli, Rishimani            Maternal Hemorrhage: A Proactive Multi-disciplinary Approach to Reduce Mortality and Morbidity 

Azim, Syed            Pain management & Joint Surgery 

Benveniste, Helene            Metabolomics & Effect of Anesthesia, Biomarkers & imaging 

Dilger, James    BIO 486   T34    Mechanisms of anesthetic action; Ligand gated ion channel kinetics 

Du, Congwu            Optical imaging, Drug addiction research, Cardiac function in vivo imaging 

Floyd, Thomas    BIO 487    T01    Aging and the Cerebral Hypoxic Response; Stroke and Cognition in Surgical Aortic Stenosis 

Gallagher, Christopher            Anesthesiology simulation: education & active learning

Glass, Peter           EMERITUS. Development of a quality of life tool following ambulatory surgery

Guo, Xiaojun            Influenza prevention with Acupuncture; Preop sedation with acupuncture 

Jacob, Zvi            General Anesthesia, Pediatric Anesthesia and Regional Anesthesia Techniques in the Pediatric Patient 

Kaczocha, Martin   BIO 487    T80    Fatty acid binding proteins and endocannabinoid transport; Mechanisms of pain

Landman, Ursula            Nicotine & post-operative pain relief 

Lee, Hedok   BIO 486   T45    

Liu, Lixin            Myocardial protection, Anesthetic and cardiac preconditioning, Biomarkers for cardiac preconditioning, Cardioprotection by Volatile Anesthetics in the Aging Heart 

Oleszak, Slawomir           Airway management and patient safety 

Page, Christopher           Anesthetic mechanisms, memory 

Pentyala, Srinivas           Translational Research, Cell Signaling Mechanisms 

Puopolo, Michelino           Ion channels and neuronal excitability, mechanisms of pain 

Rampil, Ira           Neurophysiological monitoring & signal processing, Mechanisms of general anesthetic action, Proteomic and DNA microarray, Molecular Mechanisms of Amnesia 

Rebecchi, Mario   BIO 487   T82   Gene Regulation by Phosphoinositides, Ischemia and Reperfusion, Opiate Tolerance 

Richman, Deborah            CME characteristics of part-time vs full timers; Sleep apnea screening 

Sadean, Mihai           PK/PD modeling and TIVA 

Scott, Bharathi           Blood transfusion during cardiac surgery; morbidity and mortality in octogenarians undergoing bypass surgery; gender differences in resource utilization in cardiac surgery 

Seidman, Peggy            Tool development for assessing nascent problem solving skills; Impact of early procedural skills training in medical school; Spinal fusion & anesthesia protocol database development to evaluate impact on adolescent pediatric patients, Pediatric anesthesia, medical student education 

Steinberg, Ellen            Obstetric anesthesia 

Stellacio, Francis           Advanced airway management 

Tito, Matthew            System-Based Practice Education and Assessment in Anesthesiology Residency 

Willoughby, Paul           Injection pressure monitoring for teaching regional blockade 

Undergraduate Biology, 107-112 CMM/BLL, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY 11794-5110 - 631 632-8530, 631-632-1680 (fax)

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