Note: Please ask the Biology Advisor(s) if you have BIO Major/Minor questions that are not
covered below. You can do so by direct contact or using the "Ask A Question-Prospective Students" option.

  1. Which BIO Major courses should I take in my first semester of my Freshman Year?
    At SBU, Biology starts with calculus and chemistry. In general, a first semester freshman is expected to take Calculus and General Chemistry with lab. Such a freshman's schedule is determined by the student's knowledge of mathematics and/or the student's Math Assessment Level. For more information, please click here.

  2. Do I have to take BIO 201, BIO 202, and BIO 203 in sequence?
    The three introductory biology lecture courses (i.e., BIO 201, 202, and 203) are not a sequence. The courses can be taken in any order as long as the student meets the pre-/co-requisites for the given course.

  3. Can I take BIO 205 first and then BIO 204?
    The introductory biology laboratory courses (i.e., BIO 204 and 205) make up a sequence. They must be taken in order. Very rare exceptions from this rule must be approved by the course director.

  4. I am taking MAP 103. Which science courses can I take at the same time for my BIO Major?
    A student with a Math Assessment Level (MPL) of 2+, 2 or 1 cannot take any BIO Major Courses until after MAP 103 has been completed. Such students have to start by completing MAP 103: Proficiency Algebra (MPL 2+ or 2) or MAP 101: Fundamentals of Arithmatic and Algebra (MPL 1). If MAP 101 is offered a student with an MPL of 1 should take MAP 101 and then MAP 103. The semester after completing MAP 103, a biology student should register for MAT 123: Introduction to Calculus (i.e., Pre-Calculus), General Chemistry (i.e., CHE 129/130) plus General Chemistry Lab (CHE 133), if offered. Students cannot register for General Chemistry until they are in Pre-Calculus. Most Biology courses have Math and/or Chem pre- or co-requisites.

  5. If I take an Introductory Biology course (equivalent to one of BIO 201, BIO 202, and BIO 203) elsewhere and this course has a lab, will I get credit/waiver for BIO 204 also?
    You will most likely receive 4 credits towards your Biology Major or Minor. If you are a Biology Major AND this is the ONLY such 200-level Biology course you transfer to SBU, then you must take both of the Introductory Biology Labs (i.e., BIO 204 and 205). You will NOT get a waiver for BIO 204. If you are a Biology Minor, then you would only have to take another Introductory Biology Lecture course plus BIO 204 in addition to the course you transferred to SBU in order to satisfy the Intro BIO requirements for the BIO Minor.

  6. If I take two Introductory Biology courses (equivalent to two of BIO 201, BIO 202, and BIO 203) elsewhere and these courses each has a lab, will I get credit/waiver for BIO 204/205 also?
    You will most likely receive 4 credits from each of these courses towards your Biology Major or Minor. In addition, you will most likely also receive a waiver for both BIO 204 and BIO 205.

  7. I took Anatomy & Physiology I and II (or A & P I and II; each 4 cr with lab) elsewhere. What are they equivalent to at Stony Brook?
    This depends very much on the level and scope of the material and learning objectives in these courses. In many cases these two courses will transfer in as HAN 200 and HAN 202 (Human Anatomy and Physiology for Health Science I and II), two Stony Brook courses that are not equivalent to BIO 203 and will not count towards the BIO major. However, there are also instances where this combination, or perhaps even a single course at another institution will transfer in as BIO 203. Please contact the Biology Program if you have a question about a specific course at another institution. For planning purposes it is best to do this in advance of taking these courses elsewhere if you intend to transfer to Stony Brook and major in Biology, Biochemistry or Pharmacology.    .

  8. I took Anatomy & Physiology I and II (or A & P I and II; each 4 cr with lab) elsewhere. That's two semesters of lab. Will I get a waiver for BIO 204 and 205 at Stony Brook?
    All your 8 credits will count towards your General Education Requirements. You will likely to receive 4 credits for BIO 203 from these courses combined. At Stony Brook the Anatomy (ANP 300) and the Physiology (i.e., BIO 203 and maybe BIO 328) are divided.  The BIO program will only accept the Physiology portion from the two semesters of A & P I and II. Although you took two semesters of lab in these courses they covered both Anatomy AND Physiology, you will therefore NOT get a waiver for the Intro BIO Labs, BIO 204 and 205.

  9. I took AP Biology and scored 4 (or 5) on the exam. Will that count towards my BIO Major/Minor?
    The credits will count towards the General Education Requirements (i.e., the 120 total credits). We do not give waivers for any Biology Major courses to students who scored 4 or 5 on the AP Biology exam. We used to do so many years ago, but found that many such students performed quite poorly when they took Advanced Level Biology Courses. Consider it this way: You will have a head-start in (usually) BIO 202 over students without AP Biology.

  10. I took Biology courses at another school. How do I transfer them to SBU? And will they count towards the BIO Major/Minor?
    See the Current Undergraduate Bulletin for Policies and Regulations regarding the Transfer of Courses to SBU. In general, transfer courses are evaluated by the Transfer Office for acceptance towards the General Education Requirements. The Major Academic Advisors evaluate the courses for Major requirement equivalencies. the Biology Advisor(s) are available to evaluate BIO Major/Minor courses for SBU equivalencies during Transfer Orientation. It is very important that you bring to Transfer orientation a course syllabus (and a course description) for all of the BIO courses you wish to have evaluated.

  11. I took two General Biology courses lab at another school. They appear on my Stony Brook record as BIO 201PQ and BIO 202PQ. Why are the labs not transferred?
    In some cases, such as from some SUNY and CUNY schools, the Transfer Office evaluates BIO courses for Stony Brook BIO Major/Minor equivalencies. In the majority of cases, the Transfer office does NOT enter BIO 204PQ nor BIO 205PQ. Only the BIO Advisors do that. Please contact a BIO Advisor to have this issue resolved.

  12. I couldn't register for CHE 133 in my first semester. How do I catch up.
    General Chemistry I Lab is usually offered during Fall, Winter, and Summer I. Use one of these options to catch up with the Suggested Semester Schedule for Biology Majors. 

  13. I was not able to register for a BIO course that I need to take next semester. Departmental consent is required. How do I get that?
    Please see Lynette Giordano, 110 CMM/BLL for all such registration issues.

  14. I couldn't register for an Upper Division BIO Lab. I was told that I do not meet the pre-reqs (of BIO 204 and 205). I did take 2 semesters of BIO Lab at a different school before I came to SBU. How do I get into this course?
    Bring a copy of your transfer transcript to a Biology Advisor.
  15. I couldn't register for an Upper Division BIO Lab. The course is not open even though only a few students are registered for it? Why is that? What should I do?
    Please see Lynette Giordano, 110 CMM/BLL for all such registration issues.  

  16. I want to take CHE 131 and BIO 202 (or BIO 203) next semester, but I want to wait till the summer to take MAT 125. SOLAR won't let me register for CHE 131 and BIO 202 (or 203). Why?
    MAT 125 is a pre or co-req for CHE 131 and BIO 202 (or BIO 203). CHE 131 is a pre-req for BIO 202 (or 203). CHE 131 (and therefore also MAT 125) must therefore be taken before BIO 202.

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