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It is that time again! Registration for 2014 Summer and Fall will be starting shortly. We are recommending that you prepare carefully ahead of time. On this page we have posted information that should help you prepare for the upcoming registration(s) of Biology Major and Minor courses.

Registration Appointment Schedule - Here you can now find information about your approximate enrollment appointment date Summer and Fall 2014 registration.

Summer 2014 Course Schedules - See the posted Summer course offerings

Fall 2014 Course Schedules - Here you can see the tentative BIO Major course schedules for Fall 2014. 

If you have any problems registering for BIO courses, then make sure to contact Lynette Giordano immediately (location 110 CMM/BLL - email - phone 631-632-8530). Some of our courses (i.e., BIO 201, BIO 202, BIO 203, BIO 204, BIO 207) may have reserved seats. Some courses (e.g., BIO 475, 476, 486, 487, 489) will require departmental permission. Ms. Giordano can assist you with any such issues. 

What should you do if a given BIO course has no seats available for you? If the course has a SOLAR waitlist then please make sure to place yourself on that. If the course does not have such a waitlist or if you have other concerns, then please contact Ms. Giordano right away (110 CMM/BLL,, 631-632-8530).  

Biology Course Retake
We start processing retake requests for BIO courses on March 28th, 2014. Summer and Fall 2014 BIO retakes require permission from UG BIO. Make sure to check the Academic and Transfer Services page for the up-to-date course retake policy. All BIO course retake requests must be submitted - preferably in person - to Undergraduate Biology for approval by Ellen Lopez (location 107 CMM/BLL - email - phone 631-632-8543).

Course Offerings by Semester
You may want to see the history of Biology Major/Minor course offerings over the last four years. If you are considering postponing a course until next year, then this file may help you guess when it will be offered again. NOTE: You should double check with a Biology Advisor.

Biology Advising 
We strongly recommend that you make an appointment to see a Biology Advisor as soon as possible to make sure your academic plans are putting you on the path towards timely graduation. Although we now have TWO staff advisors (Corey Fortcher and Ellen Lopez) in Undergraduate Biology, we will undoubtedly be fully booked for appointments once registration begins. The best way to set up an advising appointment with either advisor is to stop by 110 CMM/BLL and sign up on the appointment sheets.  

General Education Information and Advising
For General Education requirements, please make sure to see an advisor in Academic and Transfer Advising Services

May, August, December 2014 and January 2015 Degree Candidates
Finally, May/August and December/January Degree Candidates: Please make sure to get your completed Upper Division Writing Requirement Form and graded lab report/term paper to us AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! This step usually takes at least 2-3 weeks. We will not be able to clear you for graduation until ALL requirements have been met.

Undergraduate Biology, 107-112 CMM/BLL, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY 11794-5110 - 631 632-8530, 631-632-1680 (fax)

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