Suggested Semester Schedule

For Biology Majors with a MATH ASSESSMENT LEVEL of 4

Bombardelli Epithelial Cells


On this page and other pages containing recommendations regarding suggested
semester schedules it is important to realize that it is possible to vary from such a
schedule. For example,a BIO Major is able to take Advanced Level BIO courses at the same time as this student is finishing the Introductory Biology courses - as long
as pre- and co-requisites for these advanced courses have been met.

Biology Majors following a specialization other than Interdisciplinary/General Biology should check the suggested semester schedule for that track:

  • Developmental Genetics Specialization
  • Ecology and Evolution Specialization 
  • Environmental Biology Specialization 
  • Neuroscience Specialization 
  • Quantitative Biology and Bioinformatics Specialization 
  • BIO/Bioengineering Specialization
  • BIO/CLS Double Major  
Fall Semester:
Calculus A (MAT 125) 
General Chemistry 1 (CHE 131) 
General Chemistry Lab 1 (CHE 133) 
Spring Semester:
Calculus B (MAT 126) 
General Chemistry 2 (CHE 132) 
General Chemistry Lab 2 (CHE 134) 
Introductory Biology Lecture (BIO 201 or 202) 

Fall Semester:
Organic Chemistry 1 (CHE 321) 
Introductory Biology Lecture (BIO 203)
Introductory Biology Lab 1 (BIO 204)         
Statistics (AMS 110) **
Spring Semester:
Organic Chemistry 2 (CHE 322 or 326)  
Organic Chemistry Lab (CHE 327) 
Introductory Biology Lecture (BIO 201 or 202) 
Introductory Biology Lab 2 (BIO 205 or 207)

Fall Semester:
Physics 1/Physics Lab 1 (PHY 121/123)         
Advanced Biology Lecture *
Advanced Biology Lecture *
Spring Semester:
Physics 2/Physics Lab 2 (PHY 122/124) 
Advanced Biology Lecture *
Advanced Biology Lab 1

At the end of the Junior Year, students should take any MCAT, GRE, etc. needed

Fall Semester:
Advanced Biology Lecture *
Advanced Biology Lab 2 *
Spring Semester:
Advanced Biology Lecture *


* The Upper Division Biology courses needed, will depend in part on the Biology Specialization chosen by the student
** Although Statistics can be taken whenever it fits into schedule it is recommended to take this concurrently with BIO 204

NOTE 1: The suggested semester schedule above only contains Biology Major Requirements. For General Education Requirements please contact Academic and Transfer Advising.

NOTE 2: It is assumed that Biology Majors following this suggested semester schedule are able to start with CALCULUS A (i.e., MAT 125) in the first semester of their Freshman Year. This means that these student scored no less than 4 ( the Math Assessment Exam.

NOTE 3: An updated Chemistry sequence (CHE 152, 331, 332) started in Fall 2013. It is recommended for students who score 4 or 5 in AP Chemistry or who demonstrated satisfactory performance on the summer chemistry placement exam. Students taking this course (CHE 152) will finish General Chemistry in ONE semester and take the Organic Chemistry sequence (CHE 331, 332) in the U1 Spring and U2 Fall semesters. For further details see the course description for CHE 152 in the Undergraduate Bulletin. 

See also Suggested Semester Schedules for Biology Majors with

Undergraduate Biology, 107-112 CMM/BLL, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY 11794-5110 - 631 632-8530, 631-632-1680 (fax)

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