BIO 201-Fundamentals of Biology: Organisms to Ecosystems

PLEASE NOTE: BIO201 and 202 cannot be taken online together -The dates and times of the exams are concurrent. Please choose one OR the other of these two courses.   See Summer Session Website for more information. You may take BIO358 online or BIO361 concurrent with either BIO201 or BIO202.



  SUMMER 2016 Schedule 

Extended Session 1
May 31st – July 23rd, 2016 

Faculty:  John True, PhD; Ross Nehm, PhD;  Joanne Souza, PhD

Stony Brook Students:  DEC E  Natural Sciences (SBC:SNW)
Non-Stony Brook Students – Check with your Institution for Transfer Info.

This course is offered online except for the Three Mandatory Live Exams. Exams may be taken at either our West Campus in Stony Brook, NY, our Manhattan Campus OR you may contact us for other national approved test center sites or to make other test center arrangements

Register for the Manhattan Section (Section 60) to take Exams at our Manhattan campus.  Register for  the West Campus Section (Section 1) to take Exams either at the West Campus (Stony Brook, NY) or to obtain approval for other remote test center sites.  To obtain approval of other remote test center sites throughout NYS and the US,  please contact us at  ( or at 631-632-8548.



Stony Brook WEST (Main) Campus Sections:

MANDATORY Exam 1: Tuesday, June 21st- 6:30–8:30 PM EST - Javits Center or other arrangements

MANDATORY Exam 2: Tuesday, July 5th-6:30–8:30 PM EST - Javits Center or other arrangements

MANDATORY Final Exam: Wednesday, July 20th-6:30-9:30 PM EST -Javits Center or other arrangements


Manhattan Campus Sections
387 Park Avenue South
Student Entrance:  101 East 27th Street, 3rd floor     

MANDATORY Exam 1: Tuesday, June 21st- 6:30–8:30 PM EST- Rm 321B/C

MANDATORY Exam 2: Tuesday, July 5th -6:30–8:30 PM EST -Rm 321B/C

MANDATORY Final Exam: Wednesday, July 20th-6:30-9:30 PM EST- Rm 321B/C

Major objectives of this course:

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  This course is an introduction to the major groups of living organisms. Structure, functions, the ecological roles of organisms in communities and ecosystems  and their evolutionary history are covered. Genetics and demography are discussed in the context of evolution by natural selection.  Our goal is to give you a strong foundation in the principles you need to understand and solve problems in the areas of organismal, ecological, and evolutionary biology.  Whether your career goal is medicine, basic research, clinical research, or teaching; a sound, rigorous understanding of these basic principles is crucial.  This online course is structured to support your efficient mastery of the extensive course material, including content exploration in small asynchronous discussion groups.  You will find the problem solving skills you learn here to be crucial throughout the rest of your career, including in the laboratory segments of your academic degree program.  

COURSE OBJECTIVES:  This course is organized in thirds with a live, in-person evening exam given at the end of each third to assess your mastery of the content presented. The cumulative final exam is given concurrently with the exam for the last third of the course (for a total of three live exam sessions).  These exams may be taken at the Stony Brook West Campus, the Stony Brook Manhattan campus or prior arrangements can be made for approved national remote testing sites.  All other features of the course are online and delivered through Blackboard.  The content of the course is accessible to you via video lectures, lecture Power Points for note taking, and through text book readings.  

Multiple choice sample questions covering challenging content will be the basis of your discussions with peers in the asynchronous discussion groups.  Two posts per week discussing these questions with your colleagues are required. This portion of your work will also serve as a powerful study aid for mastery of key concepts and performing well on the exams as well as to increase your critical thinking and communication skills.  Grading for this portion of the course will consist of the assessment of your critical thinking and application skills as guided by the discussion board rubric.


Biology ONLINE: Life Sciences Rm. 380, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY 11794-5215 - 631 632-8548

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