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  • Bingham, Paul, Associate Professor, Genetic control of development and gene expression in animals
  • Brown, Deborah, Professor, Cholestrol/sphingolipid-rich domains in membrane signaling
  • Bynum, David, Distinguished Service Professor, Director of LIGASE (Long Island Group Advancing Science Education), K-Postdoc education and research including science teacher education
  • Citovsky, Vitaly, Distinguished Professor, Intercellular transport, genetic transformation, and chromatin remodeling in plants
  • Czaplinski, Kevin, Assistant Professor, mRNA transport and post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression in the nervous system
  • Dean, Neta, Professor, Protein glycosylation
  • Deutsch, Dale, Professor, The uptake of anandamide and 2-AG (the endocannabinoids) and the neurobiochemistry and cell biology of the enzymes involved in their metabolism
  • French, Jarrod B. Assistant Professor, Structure, function and mechanism of proteins and protein complexes involved in human nucleotide metabolism.
  • Gao, Liang, Assistant Biomedical imaging, fluorescence microscopy and 3D image analysis.
  • Gergen, J. Peter, Professor, Regulation of gene expression during Drosophila development
  • Glynn, Steven, Assistant Professor, Structure and mechanism of protein-unfolding machines in mitochondria
  • Hannun, Yusuf A, MD, Director, Stony Brook Cancer Center. Primary Appointment, Director, Cancer Center; Vice Dean for Cancer Medicine; Joel Strum Kenny Professor in Cancer Research. Bioactive lipids in cancer pathogenesis and therapeutics. Email:
  • Holdener, Bernadette, Associate Professor, Genetic regulation of epithelial to mesenchymal transition during mouse embryonic development
  • Hollingsworth, Nancy M., Distinguished Teaching Professor, Chromosome behavior in yeast meiosis
  • Kaczocha, MartinAssistant Professor, Primary Appointment, Anesthesiology  Role of fatty acid binding proteins in pain, inflammation, and related pathophysiologies: Endocannabinoid pharmacology and development of novel therapeutics
  • Karzai, Wali, Associate Professor, Structure and function of RNA-binding proteins and biochemical studies of the SmpB.tmRNA quality control system.
  • Lennarz, William J., Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Biosynthesis and degradation of glycoproteins
  • Levy, Sasha, Assistant Professor, Evolutionary dynamics, network dynamics, yeast genomics, high-throughput technology development
  • Li, Huilin, Professor, Structural biology, cryo-EM, DNA replication, Mtb Pup-proteasome, membrane protein complexes.
  • London, ErwinDistinguished Professor, Structure, organization, and function of membrane proteins and membrane lipids.
  • Luk, Ed, Assistant Professor, Chromosome biology and genome regulation
  • Lyman, Harvard, Associate Professor, Photoregulation of Chloroplast Synthesis. Redox Regulation of Phototaxis
  • Marcu, Kenneth B., Professor, Roles of the NF- k B activating IKKs in innate and adaptive immunity and cancer; Mechanisms of action AID in antibody class switching
  • Martin, Benjamin, Assistant Professor, Stem cell maintenance and differentiation, Developmental mechanisms of cancer pathogenesis
  • Matus, David Q. Assistant Professor, Evolutionary, cell and developmental biological approaches to studying nematode uterine-vuval attachment and morphogenesis
  • Neiman, Aaron, Professor and Chair, The cell biology of sporulation in yeast
  • Schechter, Nisson, Professor, Primary Appointment, Psychiatry
  • Sheppard, Keith, Director of Science Education, Associate Professor, Three areas of science education - all with the fundamental aim of improving the teaching and learning of science at every level of education.
  • Simon, Sanford, Professor, Extracellular degradation by neutrophil proteases.
  • Smith, Steven O., Professor, Structure and function of membrane proteins
  • Sternglanz, Rolf, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Chromatin function in gene regulation
  • Thomsen, Gerald, Professor, Mechanisms of cell fate determination and embryonic development


  • Susan Erster
  • Matthew Schmidt
  • Joanne Souza, Lecturer and Director of the Biology Online Program


  • Haltiwanger, Robert, Adjunct Professor, Role of protein glycosylation in signal transduction and quality control
  • Liu, Chang-Jun, Adjunct Professor, Brookhaven National Laboratory
  • Schindelin, Hermann, Adjunct Professor, Protein folding, function and degradation
  • Shanklin, John, Adjunct Professor, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Lipid modification enzymes, enzyme engineering
  • Studier, F. W., Senior Biophysicist, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Molecular genetics of bacteriophage T7, and use of T7 RNA polymerase to produce proteins in E. coli.


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