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Biochemistry Faculty 

  • Bingham, Paul, Associate Professor
  • Citovsky, Vitaly, Distinguished Professor, Intercellular transport, genetic transformation, and chromatin remodeling in plants
  • Dean, Neta, Professor, Protein glycosylation
  • Deutsch, Dale, Professor, The uptake of anandamide and 2-AG (the endocannabinoids) and the neurobiochemistry and cell biology of the enzymes involved in their metabolism
  • French, Jarrod B. Assistant Professor
  • Gergen, J. Peter, Professor, Regulation of gene expression during Drosophila development
  • Glynn, Steven, Assistant Professor, Structure and mechanism of protein-unfolding machines in mitochondria
  • Haltiwanger, Robert, Professor, Role of protein glycosylation in signal transduction and quality control
  • Hollingsworth, Nancy M., Professor, Chromosome behavior in yeast meiosis
  • Karzai, Wali, Associate Professor
  • Lennarz, William J., Distinguished Professor, Biosynthesis and degradation of glycoproteins
  • London, Erwin, Distinguished Professor, Structure, organization, and function of membrane proteins and membrane lipids.
  • Luk, Ed, Assistant Professor, Chromosome biology and genome regulation
  • Simon, Sanford, Professor
  • Smith, Steven O., Professor, Structure and function of membrane proteins
  • Sternglanz, Rolf, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Chromatin function in gene regulation
  • Thomsen, Gerald, Professor, Mechanisms of cell fate determination and embryonic development
  • Hannun, Yusuf A, MD, Director, Stony Brook Cancer Center. Primary Appointment, Director, Cancer Center; Vice Dean for Cancer Medicine; Joel Kenny Professor of Medicine. Bioactive lipids in cancer pathogenesis and therapeutics
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