Donny George Youkhanna


I was born in Iraq in 1950, did all my studies in Baghdad, got my BA, MA, and PhD in prehistoric archaeology in the university of Baghdad, started as a member staff in the Iraq National Museum in 1976, continued in different positions, until I became the director general for the Iraqi Museums 2003-2005, then became the Chairman of the Iraqi State board of Antiquities and Heritage 2005-2006, at the same time I used to work as a lecturer professor in the Department of Archaeology and College of Engineering in the University of Baghdad, also at the Babylon College for Theology and Philosophy in Baghdad, finally, and because of the security situations in Iraq after 2003, I was forced to leave Iraq, and arrived in the US in 2006, now I am a visiting professor in the department of Asian and Asian American Studies, at Stony Brook University, I have published a number of papers in my field, together with two books.

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Donny George Youkhanna


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