Peter Manchester

Peter Manchester bridges the academic disciplines of philosophy and religious studies. With a Ph.D. in Christian philosophical theology (GTU, 1972), he holds appointment in the philosophy department, but teaches half time in religious studies as well. He is well known for his research in the topic area of time and eternity, and is regularly invited to contribute to edited works; he authored the article on Eternity in the Encyclopedia of Religion (ed. M. Eliade), for example. His book The Syntax of Time: the Phenomenology of Time in Greek Physics and Speculative Logic (Brill, 2005) lays the foundation for a theological book now in progress, Temporality and Trinity. In graduate philosophy seminars on Plato and Platonism and Aristotle, Metaphysics and De Anima, theological issues receive attention. For religious studies, he teaches courses on New Testament Theology, Christian Mysticism, and Immortality and Eternal life that are popular and provide the backbone for the Christian Studies area in the major.

Manchester 2005 The Syntax of Time

Peter Manchester

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