B. Hyun Choo


Hyun Choo has taught Buddhism and Korean Culture in the Department of Asian and Asian-American Studies as an adjunct lecturer since 2004. She received a Ph.D. at the Caspersen School of Graduate Studies, Drew University, NJ., with a dissertation titled “An annotated translation of the Commentary on the Heart Sūtra: Wonch’uk’s unique exposition of the Yogācāra interpretation of the Heart Sūtra.

Based on her interdisciplinary studies of Buddhism and Psychology in the graduate studies, she extends her study to a cross-cultural perspective in the area of both Chinese and Korean Buddhist traditions by engaging Yogācāra Buddhism.  The hermeneutical study of her dissertation enabled her to relate her work in Buddhism into other religious and psychological traditions.  Hyun Choo published an extensive article, “An English Translation of the Ban-ya paramilda sim-gyeong chan; Wonch’uk’s commentary on the Heart Sūtra,” in the International Journal of Buddhist Thought & Culture in 2006. She is currently working to publish her dissertation as a book.

Hyun has served as a section chair of Mid-Atlantic American Academy of Religion, and also as the advisor of Buddhist Study and Practice Group at Stony Brook.


B. Hyun Choo




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