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For taking challenge exams for Asian languages, the first step is to carefully read all conditions and instructions specified at the website of Academic & Pre-Professional Advising Center (Library E-2360):

Then, you must visit the Academic Advising Center, fill out the application form, have it approved and signed by the officer at the Academic Advising Center, pay the processing fee at the bursar’s office in the administration building, and submit the receipt and the signed form to the respective exam proctors before the exam.  The Bursar’s receipt must be stapled to the form. Please contact the Academic Advising Center for an appointment or walk-in hours.






SPRING 2015 Exam Coordinator:  Prof. Agnes He, HUM 1116

Exam Date:  Friday, May 1, 2015

Exam Time:  12:00-3:00 pm

Location:  HUM 1043


The Challenge Exam in Hindi consists of four parts: speaking, understanding, reading and writing.  If you do not either read or write Hindi or Punjabi, you cannot take the Challenge Exam.  You will have to take Hindi to learn to read and write.  The level expected in the exam is that of someone graduating from High School. The exam is give once each semester and cannot be taken at any other time. Speak with your major/minor advisor to assure that you take the exam in time to be placed in the appropriate course before graduation.  


Exam Date: Thursday, March 5, 2015

Exam Time: 10:30-1:00 pm

Location: Center for India Studies, E-5350 Melville Library

Phone:  631-632-9742

*This date is the ONLY day the HINDI Challenge Exam will be given.  It will NOT be given at the end of the semester, or during exam week, or during Spring break. 


Proctor: Professor Eriko Sato 

Exam Dates & Time: By appointment

Location: HUM 1123


Each applicant is expected to submit to Professor Heejeong Sohn(Melville Library N5520) the application form signed by an academic advisor. The bursar’s receipt should be stapled to the form. The form should be brought to Prof. Sohn prior to the designated test date. No other exams than those specified below will be given in the semester.

For specific details, date and time, please visit The Center for Korean Studies website (click here).

Challenge Exams

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