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Faculty members in the China Studies Program have been taking their students to China every summer since 2007!  


The first study abroad in China program took place in Shanghai in July 2007. Nine students from Stony Brook University participated in the inaugural program. They spent three weeks in Shanghai Jiaotong University taking intensive courses in Chinese language and culture. Since then, the program has grown to 16 participants in 2009 and 17 participants in 2010. Led by Professor Dongmei Zeng from our department and joined by students from other universities in the U.S., Stony Brook students last studied abroad for four weeks in Shanghai International Studies University along with students from all over the world. To enrich their experience while studying in China, students took group day-trips and weekend excursions to popular tourist attractions in Shanghai and nearby cities. In their spare time, students were free to explore local markets, restaurants, and parks, mingling with Chinese natives. At the end of the program, some participants opted to take a 3-day group tour of Beijing, the capital of China, where they climbed the Great Wall of China and roamed the Forbidden City...

Here is what some participants have to say about their experience in the program:

  • "My summer abroad experience in Shanghai was a fabulous one. I had the greatest time learning Chinese as well as meeting some of the most fantastic people I know." --Jie Gao, participant in 2010, New York University
  • “It was really fun and worth it. All I have to say is once you go to China, you will be begging to return the moment you come back to the USA.” --James Hu, participant in 2010, Stony Brook University

Also in summer 2009, another group of Stony Brook students, led by Prof. Gregory Ruf from our department, went on a month-long study tour of China’s ethnicity and ecology. The program took students to urban and rural communities in a variety of ecological settings--- from the plains of northern China,  to the alpine grasslands of Qihai-Tibetan plateau, the fertile Red Basin of Sichuan, the rugged Liangshan highlands, and the tropical forests of Yunnan--- exploring culture, ecology, and history among ethnic minorities of China’s frontier regions.

In winter 2010, yet another group of Stony Brook students, joined by other SUNY students and led by Ambassador Harsh Bhchinaasin from our department, took a two-week tour of Beijing and Sichuan at the invitation of Chinese government. They visited a number of Chinese universities as well as famous tourist destinatio ns along the way while studying contemporary Chinese society and government.


Study Abroad in China

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