Programs and Resources Related to Korean Studies at Stony Brook University


Program in Korean Studies

Faculty: Hyun Choo; Jiwong Hwang; Hongkyung Kim; Sung Bae Park (director); Heejeong Sohn

Established in 1982, the Program in Korean Studies at Stony Brook on Long Island has been a vital hub for both academic and community activities related to Korea, New York. As one of the undergraduate minors of SUNY Stony Brook, it currently offers more than a dozen courses in Korean Studies along with diverse opportunities for research and internships.

Minor in Korean Studies

The minor program in Korean Studies is designed to offer students opportunities to build and pursue their academic and career-related interests in Korea through the courses in language, literary and material cultures, history, and religious and philosophical traditions within a broader understanding of Asia’s past and present. The Minor program offers undergraduate scholarships and internship/teaching assistantship opportunities in Korean studies and incorporates the study abroad to Korea through the International Academic Program.

Study Abroad in Korea

Each year, increasing number of Stony Brook students are visiting the universities in Korea for study and cultural experiences under the study abroad program.


Visit the website of the Center for Korean Studies for more resources.

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