Asian Language Teacher Education Programs (Chinese, Japanese and Korean)

Coordinator: Eriko Sato 

Stony Brook University has undergraduate teacher education programs in Chinese, Japanese and Korean leading to New York State initial teaching certification and the B.A. degree in Asian and Asian American Studies: Adolescent Education – Chinese/Japanese/Korean, Grades 7 – 12.  The Department of Asian and Asian American Studies provides content core courses, the Foreign Language Teacher Education Program (FLA)offers pedagogical core courses, and the Professional Education Program (PEP) coordinates additional programs for teacher certification. 

       Click here for the requirements for the teacher education programs.  

Consult the following advisers for selecting language courses to be used for applying for the teacher certification.

    •  Chinese Teacher Education Program Adviser: Agnes He
    •  Japanese Teacher Education Program Adviser: Eriko Sato

    •  Korean Teacher Education Program Adviser: Heejeong Sohn


Asian Language Courses Offered at Stony Brook University

Chinese Courses: Click here.

  Faculty: Agnes Weiyun He; Kamling Wong; Dongmei Zeng; Xiaoping Ha*; Lunpeng Ma*

Hindi Courses: Click here.

  Faculty: Kamal K. Sridhar; Aruna Sharma*

Japanese Courses: Click here.

  Faculty: Eva Nagase; Eriko Sato; Yukiko Asano*; Hisako Takahashi*

Korean Courses: Click here.

  Faculty: Hongkyung Kim; SungBae Park; Heejeong Sohn*; Hyun Yong Cho*

Sanskrit Courses: Click here.

  Faculty: Andrew Nicholson; Lakshmi Swaminathan*

 * Adjunct faculty

Asian Language Linguistics/Pedagogy Courses at Stony Brook University

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  • CHI 426 Structure of Chinese (Formerly: AAS 350 Structure of Mandarin Chinese)
  • JPN 426 Structure of Japanese
  • AAS 220 China: Language and Culture
  • AAS 250 Languages and Cultures of Asian Americans
  • AAS 330 Language and Society in South Asia
  • AAS/LIN 370 Intercultural Communication
  •        KOR 426 Structure or Korean

Non-Credit Language Courses for the Community Residents 

Challenge Exams

Credits earned through Challenge Exams can be accepted toward meeting Content requirement.  See Challenge Exam Guidelines and special conditions for students enrolled in the Chinese or Japanese Teacher Preparation Program at:

Tutorial Courses 

  • The Teaching Practica (CHI, JPN or KOR 475/476) can only be accepted for up to a maximum of three (3) credits toward meeting Content requirements in AAS-based Teacher Preparation Programs.
  • Directed Reading/Independent Study courses (CHI, JPN or KOR 447) can only be accepted for up to a maximum of six (6) credits toward meeting Content requirements in AAS-based Teacher Preparation Programs.

The above options may only be used for teacher candidates when classroom Content courses are not available for students and this will interfere with a student’s progress toward graduation.  Faculty should be aware that proof of specific language content in these teaching practica and directed reading courses must be tendered in writing (letter, fax or email) to the Director of the AAS Language Teacher Preparation Programs for insertion in the student’s docket and maintained in departmental files for five (5) years.

Equivalency Proof for Letter Grades and Satisfactory-Unsatisfactory Grades

The credits earned for Content requirements must have a grade C or higher.  Credits with satisfactory-unsatisfactory grades can be accepted only if accompanied by the Equivalency Proof for Letter Grades and Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grades.  Click here to download the form.  

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