Asian Studies

Established in 2002, the Department of Asian & Asian American Studies is one of the few departments in the U.S. that integrates the study and teaching of both Asian and Asian American studies. It offers an interdisciplinary curriculum that highlights the history of New York as the home of Asian immigrants since the 19th century and recognizes the importance of the Asia-Pacific in this present century. 

Using textual studies and discourse analysis as our primary analytic tools, we focus on the study of Asian and Asian American languages, cultures, and intellectual histories over time and in contact with other global cultures. Among our faculty are internationally-recognized scholars in linguistics, cultural studies, philosophy, and religious studies.

Our global curriculum offers two majors — Asian & Asian American Studies and Religious Studies — and six minors (China Studies, Japanese Studies, Korean Studies, South Asian Studies, Asian & Asian-American Studies and Religious Studies). We will launch a new M.A. program in the fall of 2015 -- a Masters degree program in Contemporary Asian and Asian American Studies (CAAAS).  We also plan to offer, with the Department of Philosophy, a Masters degree program in the History of Philosophy, East and West (HPEW).  In addition, we offer teacher certification programs in Chinese, Japanese and Korean language instruction; and study-abroad programs that provide unique opportunities for immersion in the languages and cultures of China, India, Japan and Korea.



* Professor William Chittick, in the Department of Asian and Asian American Studies, has been awarded the prestigious Guggenheim Fellowship in the Humanities (Translation) for "A Multifaceted Theology of Love: Ahmad Sam'ani on the Ninety-Nine Names of God." 


Asian & Asian American Studies    1046 Humanities Building, Stony Brook, NY 11794-5343     Phone: (631) 632-4030
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