Arts and Sciences Senate Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

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Chair: Gregory Ruf

Executive Secretary: Beth Squire, ex-officio

Humanities and Fine Arts:

Izabela Kalinowska-Blackwood

Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies

Gregory Ruf Asian and Asian American Studies    9/19

Natural Sciences:

Sarah Malmquist Neurobiology      9/17
Roy Lacey Chemistry     2-7955  9/19

Social and Behavioral Sciences:

Dawn Harris Africana Studies 2-7474  9/19
Marie Huffman Linguistics 2-1388  9/18


Deborah Serling Academic Advising 2-7082  9/19


D. Kane Gillespie, Senior Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, A&S Dean's Office

Arlene Feldman, Associate Dean for Transfer Services, Center for Advising and Transfer Services

Robin McCarthy, Office of the Registrar

Beth Squire, A&S Dean's Office

Student Representatives:

Undergraduate Student: TBA

Graduate Student: TBA

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