Curriculum Committee Forms

Note: Please send forms via email to and Forms should not be shared in via Google Docs/Google Drive. If the files are too large to attach to an email, please zip the files before attaching. Note that curricular proposals for the following academic year (summer through spring) are due by October 1 to and The change to an annual Bulletin publication cycle was approved at the November 23, 2015 Undergraduate Council meeting.

See for information regarding the new Stony Brook Curriculum. Forms are available on here for courses submitted to meet the new curriculum requirements

New SUNY Planning Guide and Forms

In November 2013, SUNY launched the new Guide to Academic Program Planning and associated new Academic Program Planning forms.

  • SUNY Guide to Academic Program Planning - Please review this document before submitting any new program announcements, new program proposals, revisions of existing programs, or requests for discontinuance or deactivation.
  • SUNY academic program planning forms - The new required forms can be found on this website.  Forms are now required for program revisions and requests for discontinuance and deactivation, as well as for new program announcements and proposals.
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