The Statistics group's main focus is on applied collaborations with investigators in a range of scientific fields that make heavy use of sophisticated statistics. The statistics faculty also do extensive research on methodological questions that underlie their applied studies. Statistics faculty are Hongshik Ahn, Stephen Finch, Pei Fen Kuan, Song Wu, Haipeng Xing, and Wei Zhu along with fellow statisticians and adjunct AMS faculty members Wei Hou, Xuefeng Wang, and Jie Yang in the School of Medicine. Their primary areas of application are biomedical research and financial statistics. Our statisticians collaborate with biomedical researchers in the Stony Brook Medical School, nearby Brookhaven National Lab and Cold Spring Harbor Lab as well as scientists in major New York City medical centers, such as Columbia, NYU, Mt. Sinai and Sloan-Kettering. Our statistics faculty are also affiliated with the SBU Center for Finance (, and collaborate actively with colleagues at the College of Business and Department of Economics, as well as financial statisticians at Columbia University, Stanford University, and the Wharton Business School at U. Penn. 

Hongshik Ahn's  specialty is tree-structured regression modeling for censored survival data. After earning his Ph.D., he initially worked as a biostatistician at the National Center for Toxicological Research (NCTR) on animal carcinogenicity, developmental toxicology, and drug stability analysis. He came to Stony Brook in 1996, but he continued working on NCTR problems while developing new collaborations with Stony Brook biomedical researchers. For more information, see  Ahn webpage.

Stephen Finch  is an applied statistician whose major areas of interest are statistical genetic epidemiology and applied longitudinal data analysis. Statistical genetic epidemiology studies the genetics of complex human traits, such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. One of the major longitudinal studies, with faculty in the Stony Brook Department of Psychiatry, concerns the effects of medications on the course of mental illnesses. For more information, see  Finch webpage.

Pei Fen Kuan’s  research interests focus on statistical and computational issues arising from the problems in genome biology. Many of her research projects center around tiling arrays and the next generation sequencing platforms. Her research activities have been directed at developing statistical methodologies to facilitate the analysis, integration and interpretation of high-throughput omics data, see  Kuan webpage.

Song Wu  is a biostatistician whose research focuses mainly on statistical genetics by developing new methodologies to unravel the genetics underlying complex traits. He had received intensive training in both Statistics and Genetics, and is working towards bridging these two fields. His specific research areas include QTL mapping, linkage mapping, linkage disequilibrium mapping, microarray data analysis, genome-wide association study, next-generation sequencing data analysis (WG-seq, RNA-seq, ChIP-seq), molecular pathway analysis, bioinformatics and applied longitudinal data analysis. For more information, see  Wu webpage

Haipeng Xing  is an applied statistician whose research is focused on: (i) change-points detection, parameter estimation and adaptive control problems and their applications in engineering, economics and genetics; (ii) statistical models and methods in financial econometrics and engineering; and (iii) time series modeling. He is co-author, with T.L. Lai of Stanford, of a major textbook on financial statistics. For more information, see  Xing webpage.

Wei Zhu  is a statistician whose diverse research projects include design and analysis of experiments (for dose response studies and clinical trials), longitudinal and contemporaneous pathway discovery and analysis (for biological pathways and financial networks), errors in variable modeling (for measurement platform/instrument comparisons and calibrations), and robust regression analysis. Her former students have taken positions in academia and in a broad range of industry as quality control managers, biostatisticians, risk managers and financial analysts. Professor Zhu is also affiliated with the SBU Center for Finance (  
For more information, see  Zhu webpage.


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