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Maria Rodolis, PhD
Chemistry Department

Originally from a small rural town in the Dominican Republic, Maria Rodolis migrated to New York where she grew interest in the STEM fields. In 2006, Maria began her studies at SUNY New Paltz where she majored in Chemistry and minored in Biology. Throughout her undergraduate studies, she embarked on various research projects at SUNY New Paltz and abroad at La Selva Biological Station in Costa Rica and at the Center of Molecular Biology Severo Ochoa in Spain. In 2010, she was awarded the New York State Chancellor’s award and obtained her B.S. in Chemistry. Soon after graduating, Maria Rodolis was awarded an NSF GRFP fellowship to conduct her PhD studies at the University of Warwick in the United Kingdoms. Her PhD research project focused on the Interaction of Translocase MraY with the Antibacterial E Protein from Bacteriophage ΦX174. The results of her research project has been submitted to a high-ranking journal for publishing. In January 2014, Maria began an AGEP-T FRAME funded postdoctoral research project at Stony Brook University under the leadership of Professor Nicole Sampson where she will be investigating various processes involved in mammalian fertilization.

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