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Undergraduate Majors


Department of Africana Studies
College of Arts and Sciences
Chairperson: Dr. Tracey Walters
Administrative Assistant to the Chair Department of Africana Studies: Ann L. Berrios
Office: S-245 Social and Behavioral Sciences
Phone: (631) 632-7470(631) 632-7470

Requirements for the Major in Africana Studies (AFS)

The Major requirements for Africana Studies are as follows:
The major in Africana studies leads to the Bachelor of Arts degree.
All courses for the major, except those graded S/U, must be passed with a letter grade of C or higher. Completion of the major requires 39 credits, including 27 upper-division credits (from courses numbered 300 or higher).* AFS 101, 102 Themes in the Black Experience I, II

Minors of particular interest to students majoring in Africana studies: anthropology (ANT), economics (ECO), English (EGL), history (HIS), philosophy (PHI), political science (POL), psychology (PSY), sociology (SOC)

1. Foundation courses

2. Two courses from each of the following areas:

1. Africana Studies in the Humanities

* AFH 206 Great Books of the Black Experience

* AFH/EGL 249 African-American Literature and Music in the 19th and 20th Centuries

* AFH 329/HUF 318 Pan-African Literature I

* AFH 330 Pan-African Literature II

* AFH/EGL 368 Caribbean and American Connections in Literature

* AFH/HUF 385 French Caribbean Literature

2. Africana Studies in the Social Sciences

* AFS/HIS 221 Introduction to Modern African History

* AFS 239 Introduction to the Caribbean Experience

* AFS 240 Issues in Caribbean Society

* AFS/HIS 277 The Modern Color Line

* AFS/SOC 365 Introduction to African Society

* AFS 372 African American Political Thought

* AFS/ANT 395 Religions of the Caribbean

3. The African-American Experience

* AFS 300 Blacks in the City

* AFS 310 American Attitudes Toward Race

* AFS 319 The Politics of Race

* AFS/HIS 325 The Civil Rights Movement

* AFS/WST 350 African American Women and Social Change

* AFS 360 African-American Social Commentary

* AFS 363 The Media and Black America

* AFS 370 The African-American Family

* AFS 375 Slavery

4. The Global African Experience

* AFH/PHI 379 Philosophy of Race

* AFS/WST 345 Culture and Gender: Women in Africa and the Caribbean

* AFS/POL 337 The Politics of Africa

* AFH 339/ARH 329 Arts of the African Diaspora

* AFS/HIS 346 Political and Social History of Africa

* AFS/ANT 380 Race and Ethnicity in Latin America and the Caribbean

* AFS/WST 381 Race, Gender, Class, and the Epidemiology of AIDS

* AFS/HIS 388 Slavery in Latin America and the Caribbean

* AFS 400 Ancient Egypt (KMT): Historical and Contemporary Views

3. Three credits in AFH or AFS 447 Readings in Africana Studies

or AFH or AFS 487 Research in Africana Studies taken in the junior or senior year.

4. Twelve upper-division elective credits chosen from courses offered by the Department of Africana Studies. (See note 1)

5. Upper-Division Writing Requirement

Africana studies majors are required to submit two essay or term paper assignments, completed for two upper-division AFS courses, with grades of B or higher. They must also submit an evaluation form for the writing samples, signed by the professor(s) who read the samples, which indicates that the writing proficiency requirement has been met. Students must inform instructors in advance if they plan to use papers from their courses to fulfill the writing requirement for the major. Submitted papers must be a minimum of 15 pages in length.


1. Three courses offered by other departments (including special topics courses) are acceptable for the major with the approval of the undergraduate studies director.
2. Students must take at least two 200-level courses in Africana Studies prior to beginning their junior year.
3. Only six credits of directed readings or independent study courses courses numbered 447 and 487) may be used toward the major.
4. The following courses may not be used to fulfill major requirements: AFS 283, 475, 476, 488; AFH 475, 476.5. Transfer students must take at least 12 credits of upper-division Africana Studies courses in residence at Stony Brook to complete the AFS major.

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