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Ms. Lydia Senatus, class of 2018 (Economics and Business) wins Charles B. Rangel Fellowship


Ms. Lydia Senatus, received the Charles B. Rangel Fellowship to pursue a career in the U.S. Foreign Service.  Approximately $95,000 in benefits over two years will go towards Ms. Senatus' Masters in International Affairs, and two internships at a U.S. Embassy.  Upon completion of the Fellowship, Ms. Senatus will become a U.S. Diplomat.

"Lydia is a creative and relentless scholar who asks the hard questions about inequality and injustice, and a human being who is passionately committed to connecting with people across borders and boundaries.  How lucky for the world that her focus is on making a positive difference for communities in need", says Dr. Abena Asare, Assistant Professor of Modern African Affairs at Stony Brook.  Dr. Asare helped guide Ms. Senatus in the Charles B. Rangel application process.  


Ildi Tillmann is the 2017 recipient of the Dorothy L. Hurley Award for Graduate Work in Africana Studies


Ms. Ildi Tillmann, Africana Studies MA student, used the Dorothy  L. Hurley Scholarship to help with her trip to Haiti to study Haitian Vodou both as a belief system and as relevant to political rhetoric.  Ms. Tillmann's goal was to learn  how beliefs (both secular and religious) influence the ways that humans perceive reality.  Ms. Tillman chose Haiti because of its geographical location and the prevalence of  what is frequently described as a fused, syncretized religious and cultural reality that characterizes Caribbean life.  Ms. Tillmann is a strong supporter of the Africana Studies Department, attending our events and bringing her love of African drumming to the Department and the university through performance and discussion.


Ms. Angelique Lucien Receives the Floris Barnett Cash Award 




Ms. Angelique Lucien, Africana Studies Masters student was this year's recipient of the Floris Barnett Cash Scholarship for outstanding graduate work.  Ms. Lucien, a 2015 Stony Brook University graduate, was an AFS major who decided to continue  advanced studies after spending one year in the working world.  Ms. Lucien, an avid traveler, has chosen African Migration to the Italian Peninsula as her focus of research.  While  a Stony Brook undergraduate, Ms. Lucien lived for one year in Italy through Stony Brook's year abroad program.  In spring, 2017, Ms. Lucien served as Dr. Shimelis Gulema's teaching assistant for AFS 337, The Politics in Africa (cross listed with Political Science).  The $1,000 cash award will help further Ms. Lucien's research.


Mary Seymour Chose Africana Studies




Ms. Mary Seymour, recording artist, broadway actor, playwright, not only chose Stony Brook University, she chose Africana Studies as her major.  Although the recipient of a scholarship to keep talent on Long Island, Ms. Seymour does not take her achievements lightly.  She makes sure she visits professors during office hours, attends Africana Studies scholarly events and hones her writing skills every chance she gets.  The result of this effort is a near perfect GPA!  Ms. Seymour's high grades garnered her opportunities like a summer fellowship in the Yale School of Dramatic Arts (2016).  Mary is happy to be part of Africana Studies and we are thrilled to have her in our ranks!


Mr. Sushank Chibber studies in England


sushank Chibber


Mr. Sushank Chibber (pictured with Professor Dawn Harris), received his Masters in Africana Studies in May, 2017.  In June, 2017 Mr. Chibber presented at the PHENOMENOLOGY OF POLYRELATIONALITY: THE QUESTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS REVISTED held at Harvard University.  His paper, "Apeiric Space-Time: Introducing a New Translation of Hedwig Conrad-Martiue's 'Raum und Zelt' from Der Raum (1958) has been accepted in a forthcoming compendium on phenomenology.  As an MA student, Mr. Chibber studied health care delivery in minority communities and presented a poster "Mindfulness as a Contributer to Cancer Treatment" in December 2016 at student day held in Stony Brook University's Wang Center.  He collaborated with Dr. Crystal Fleming of Stony Brook University's Sociology Department on this poster. Mr. Chibber is in London on fellowship at Goldsmith's College, University of London to further his studies on health care in minority communities.


Dr Georges Fouron receives Excellence in Teaching Award



Africana Students strongly endorsed Dr. Georges Fouron for the Excellence in Teaching Award, 2017. Dr. Fouron teaches courses on Caribbean Culture, Literature and Politics.  His innovative approach to learning (with quizzes designed to question the students' assumptions), makes his courses popular, though provoking and enriching.  Seating is limited and at a premium so, for more information on how to enroll, please stop by to see Ann Berrios is Social and Behavioral Sciences, room S249. With a strong letter writing campaign from his students spearheaded by Mr. Sushank Chibber, Dr. Fouron won two teaching awards totaling $4,000 which he will use for an educational trip to Cuba.





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