Master's Degree

Master of Arts Program in Africana Studies

The M.A. in Africana Studies is interdisciplinary in scope and addresses itself to the experiences of people of African descent throughout the world. It is designed to explore African civilizations and their influences on other parts of the African Diaspora. Issues within the global communities of Africa, the United States, the Caribbean/Latin America and elsewhere will be examined from both historical and contemporary perspectives.  

The formation and evolution of the Africana Studies Department are grounded in fundamental assessments that evolved from its founding in 1968 and intersect with the mission of Stony Brook University to provide comprehensive undergraduate and graduate education of the highest quality. The Department of Africana Studies provides a rigorous disciplined intellectual environment to study the histories, literatures, political systems, cultures, arts, and social theories of Africa and the African Diaspora. 

Master of Arts in Teaching: Social Studies

The Africana Studies graduate program, in collaboration with the Professional Education Program organized through the School of Professional Development, provides an entrée to the existing Master of Arts in Teaching: Social Studies, with a concentration in Africana Studies, as part of a course of study leading to New York State certification for teaching social studies in the secondary schools (grades 7-12). The M.A.T. normally entails three semesters of study, excluding summers, of coursework in the content field, professional education courses, and a supervised student teaching experience.


The Department of Africana Studies possesses an in-house library/cum reading room. AFS started the in-house Richard B. Moore library years ago with a generous gift of several thousand books from Joyce and Burghardt Turner. Richard B. Moore, Joyce’s father, was a Barbados-born African American civil rights activist and bibliophile who collected thousands of books on the experiences of African-heritage people worldwide. Her husband, Dr. Burghardt Turner, a historian, is a former Stony Brook faculty member, who lent his name to Stony Brook’s prestigious W. Burghardt Turner Graduate Fellowship for underrepresented students. The couple have periodically donated books, photographic and art work, and other materials to the AFS collection. Some of their donations have included valuable early editions of items not found even in the general or special collections of the main university. They have also donated photographic and art work on display in the library. In addition, several talented students have also donated sculpture and paintings to AFS.

Our Richard B. Moore Library, which houses some 700 volumes related to African diasporic history and literature, maintains regular daytime hours during the week, and serves as a reading room for students as well as a conference/meeting/events room for AFS faculty. Book and art items in our unit’s library are supplemented by a valuable video tape collection, housed in a separate Media room and Archives. In this collection is a tape of a several hours seminar conducted by the noted writer Alex Haley, tapes made by students of lectures, symposia, cultural events, demonstrations and other happenings held on campus during past years. Also, AFS professor emeritus and poet Amiri Baraka deposited in our media archives copies of his valuable video holdings dealing with key political and literary events in which he had been involved.

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Welcome to the Spring 2015 Semester!

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Congratulations to M.A. Candidate in Africana Studies Shevonne Cleveland who will be presenting a paper at the 2014 Oxford University Women's Leadership Symposium!

The AFS Open House will be on March 4, 2015 from 12:30pm - 2:20pm. All are invited!



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