Academic Success & Study Skills Workshops
Spring 2014 Schedule
Do you need help figuring out the best way you learn and study? 
Attend our Academic Success and Study Skills Workshop Series! No pre-registration is required.
You can attend all of the workshops or just the ones you think you will benefit from the most. 
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Time Management
February 11th @ 2:30pm SAC 306
February 12th @ 5:30pm Rm 2340 Melville Library

Learn how to effectively manage your time so you can complete your school work and still have time for social activities and other responsibilities you may have. In this workshop we will create a time management schedule and estimate the time needed to study and complete school work. We will also discuss how to determine what is important and urgent versus not important and not urgent.


Note Taking & Listening Skill
February 18th @ 2:30pm SAC 306
February 19th @ 5:30pm Rm 2340 Melville Library

Having trouble taking notes in class?  Don't know what to write down in lectures and while reading your text books?  This workshop will focus on ways to take better notes using methods such as the Cornell Note Taking Method and ways to develop better listening skills.


Test Taking Skills
February 25th @ 2:30pm SAC 306
February 26th @ 5:30pm Rm 2340 Melville Library

How do you determine whether a statement is true or false? What is the best approach to understand multiple choice exams? Attend this interactive workshop to learn about the strategies to improve your understanding of the different exam formats of true/false, multiple choice, essay and matching.


Memory & Learning
March 4th @ 2:30pm SAC 306
March 5th @ 5:30pm Rm 2340 Melville Library

How does memory work? In this workshop you will gain a better understanding of how memory works and discover essential study strategies that can help you to better retrieve information that you have studied.

Motivation & Goal Setting
April 1st @ 2:30pm SAC 308
April 2nd @ 5:30pm Rm 2340 Melville Library

This workshop will help you understand your sources of motivation and tips and strategies to increase your motivation.  It will also discuss goal setting strategies and help you identify ways to achieve those goals.


Improving Concentration & Creating an Effective Study Space
April 22nd @ 2:30pm SAC 308
April 23rd @ 5:30pm Rm 2340 Melville Library

This workshop will focus on causes of poor concentration and strategies to improve your concentration. It will also discuss tips to create a better study environment.

Stress Management & Test Anxiety
April 29th @ 2:30pm SAC 308
April 30th @ 5:30pm Rm 2340 Melville Library

At this point in the semester, you are likely to be experiencing some stress as finals are around the corner.  This workshop will focus on identifying stressful triggers in your life and ways to manage your stress so you can feel more relaxed. We will also discuss causes of test anxiety and strategies to help minimize this anxiety.


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