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  1. Academic advisor approval is required for a second attempt of courses in fall and spring. If you wish to retake a course that is not designated as repeatable, you must meet with your academic advisor to discuss how repeating a particular course fits into a realistic academic plan that ensures your timely progress toward graduation.
  2. If you are approved to retake a class, you are NOT permitted to select the grade/pass/no credit (G/P/NC) option for that course, unless the retake is of a previously taken transfer course.
  3. ESL 192, ESL 193, WRT 101, and WRT 102 do not require advisor approval for a second attempt since they are specific required courses.
  4. Fall 2014 course retakes must be processed by the add/drop deadline, 4 p.m. on Tuesday, September 9, 2014.
  5. To request a course retake, you must first have a grade for that course noted on your transcript. If it is a course currently in progress, seek permission after a grade is posted on your transcript unless you have already withdrawn from the course (earning a W).
  6. Permission to retake a course in which you earned a grade of C or better is rarely granted, unless a course grade higher than a C is required in your declared major/minor.
  7. Course retakes do not replace the grade from an earlier attempt; rather, both the original and new grades appear on your transcript and are averaged into your GPA.
  8. If you earned a grade of P, S, or D or better on a first attempt of a course, no additional credit will be earned for future retakes of the same course.
  9. If you wish to take an equivalent course at another institution, seek pre-approval from the relevant Stony Brook department and obtain a Transfer Course Evaluation Form from Academic & Transfer Advising Services in E-2360 Melville Library.


1.  All third or more attempts of courses require a petition and a signed letter of approval from the department’s Undergraduate Program Director, or designated faculty or staff advisor. A grade of W, I, NR, I/F, N/F, Q, and any letter grade are considered to be an attempt.
2.  Students who successfully petition for a third or more attempt in FALL or SPRING may process a non-controlled access course at the Registrar's Office as soon as the student's enrollment appointment begins.  Approved petitions for controlled access classes may not be brought to the Registrar's Office for processing until the first day of classes in that semester.  Enrollment is pending seat availability.
3.  Students who successfully petition for a third or more attempt in SUMMER or WINTER may process that petition at the Registrar's Office as soon as the student's enrollment appointment begins.  Student may then enroll in classes, pending seat availability.


The courses noted below are controlled access (CA). Students registering for CA courses for the first time have priority. If seats remain available, and you wish to retake a CA course, you will need academic advisor approval. Priority is determined based upon cumulative credits earned and the importance of the course toward timely degree progress. You should not expect open seats in CA courses. Summer and winter session courses may have more availability than spring or fall courses. You may also want to consider taking the course equivalent at another college/university.

AMS 102, 110, 151, 161
ECO 108, 303, 305, 320 
ANP 300   
MAP 103, MAT 122, 123, 125/131/141, 126, 127, 132/142
BIO 201, 202, 203, 204, 205, 207, 315, 358    
PHY 121/125/131, 122/126/132, 123, 124, 127, 133, 134, 141, 142
CHE 129, 131, 132, 133, 152, 321, 322, 326, 331, 332  
POL 201   
CSE 114   
PSY 201, 310
  SOC 202 


1.  Prepare for your meeting with an academic advisor.

  • Identify the course(s) you wish to retake.
  • Be prepared to share with your advisor the reason(s) you need to retake the course. Is it a DEC, major, or minor requirement? How will you improve your academic performance if you are given the opportunity to retake the class?
  • Check the Undergraduate Bulletin at www.stonybrook.edu/ugbulletin to see if it is a co-requisite course.

2.  If the course you wish to retake is taught by one of the “Academic Departments” noted below, please visit that department for approval. For all other courses, please see your academic advisor noted under “Academic Advising Units” below.


ANTHROPOLOGY (ANP 300 course) – Anthropology Department – S-501 Social & Behavioral Sciences Building
BIOLOGY (BIO courses) – Biology Department - 107 CMM/BLL Building
BUSINESS (BUS courses) – College of Business - 109 Harriman Hall
HEALTH SCIENCE (HAN 200, HAN 202, HAN 312) - HSC Level 2 Room 400
JOURNALISM (JRN courses) – Journalism Department – N-4004 Melville Library
PSYCHOLOGY (PSY 201, PSY 310) – Psychology Department – Psychology B Building, Room 115


Undergraduate Colleges – freshmen – N-3071 Melville Library
Academic & Transfer Advising Services – sophomores, juniors, and seniors in CAS, COB, SOJ, & SOMAS;
       HANBS Health Science majors – E-2360 Melville Library
College of Engineering & Applied Sciences – all AOI CEAS and CEAS majors – 127 Engineering Building
Student-Athletes – Student Athlete Development Office, Gymnasium
EOP/AIM – W-3520 Melville Library
Honors College – N-3071 Melville Library
University Scholars - N-3071 Melville Library
WISE – 220 Engineering Building

3.  If your request to retake a non-CA course is approved, pending seat availability, you will be able to register for that course (or add yourself to the course waitlist if one exists) via SOLAR as soon as your enrollment appointment begins, but before 4 p.m. on Tuesday, September 9.  Please note that it takes 24 hours for the retake request to be approved in SOLAR.  You will receive a SOLAR message when the Request has been approved.

4.  If your request to retake a CA course is approved, pending seat availability, you will be able to register for that course (or add yourself to the course waitlist if one exists) via SOLAR on August 22 or 23 depending upon your priority status. Your specific starting date and time will be sent in a SOLAR message to you.


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