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1.   Study Skills Workshop (Topic: Test Taking Skills)
2.   Study in China this Summer
3.   The Registration Preparation Page
4.   Semester by the Sea at SBU Southampton
5.   Career Center Events

6.   Pre-Health News
7.   Pre-Law News
8.   Academic Advising Offices

9.   Word of the Week


Monday, April 8
Advance registration tentatively set to begin for Summer & Fall 2013.
View the Registration Preparation Page below!

Wednesday, April 17
Academic Advising Day - 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Come speak with your academic advisor under the Big Top Tent on the Academic Mall outside the Melville Library. Great information, good advice, and free popcorn for all!

Watch the video: “What is Advising Day?” 

***For more information about the Spring 2013 deadlines, please visit: http://www.stonybrook.edu/registrar/calendar-academic.shtml


Test Taking Skills

April 30th @ 3:00pm, SAC 305
May 1st @ 4:00pm, SAC 305

How do you determine whether a statement is true or false?
What is the best approach to understand multiple choice
exams? Attend this interactive workshop to learn about the
strategies to improve your understanding of the different
exam formats of true/false, multiple choice, essay and

Bookmark the Study Skills schedule page here and look for more workshops in the Fall!



This summer Zhongnan University of Economics and Law (ZUEL) in Wuhan offers SBU students the opportunity to study in China on scholarship!

Click here for more information:

 * Earn 6 credits of Chinese Language and Culture fulfilling
   SBU's Skill 3, as well as DEC G or DEC J
 * Excursions to Beijing and Xi'an, home of the world renown
   "Terra-Cotta Warriors"
 * Experience local attractions and cultural performances
 * Perfect for students in a variety of disciplines!
 * Application deadline April 15, 2013


Visit the Registration Preparation Page on the Academic and Transfer Advising Services' website for some fantastic resources.  Browse a wonderful selection of Podcasts, Video Tutorials, FAQ's, and other great tools:

How to Prepare For Registration Season
How to Avoid Late Graduation

Video Tutorials:
How to Find Your Enrollment Appointment Time
How to Search By D.E.C. Category
How to Use My Planner
Searching For Classes on the Registrar's Website
How to Search For DECs That Also Satisfy Major Requirements

FAQ's, The Course Repeat Policy, and much more!


To find your Enrollment Appointment follow these steps below.  Your Enrollment Appointment is the date and time on which you can begin registering for Fall 2013 classes.

(Your Enrollment Appointment will be available on or around March 31 @ 4 p.m.)

1.  Log-in to SOLAR
2.  Click on Student Records & Registration
3.  Select Enrollment link
4.  Click Enrollment Date and choose Spring 2013

Watch the video tutorial!


At Stony Brook Southampton’s Semester by the Sea in Marine Sciences, you’ll spend 16 weeks living and working side by side with our world-renowned faculty as you learn about Long Island’s bays, estuaries, salt marshes, beaches, oceans and marine life at one of the nation’s premier oceanographic institutes. Whether you’re aboard one of our state-of-the-art research vessels or performing experiments in our waterfront marine labs, you’ll learn by doing while earning 15 college credits in one term. Any student may enroll, but the program is best suited for upper-level science majors as several of the elective courses have prerequisites. Non-marine sciences students can complete a minor in marine sciences by enrolling in this program and taking MAR 104 the following semester.

For budding filmmakers, poets, playwrights or novelists, the Southampton Arts program can help
students realize their artistic aspirations. In our highly competitive residential program, students spend 10 transformational weeks immersed in the creative process. At the conclusion of this intensive program,
students will emerge with a finished piece in hand — a short film, novella, short story or poetry collection —
or they will experience having their play produced onstage.

Both programs offer students the opportunity to explore their interests in a setting that will enhance and enrich
their educational experience. Stony Brook Southampton’s Semester by the Sea is open to undergraduates and recent grads.

More information about the program is also available atwww.stonybrook.edu/sea.


Apr 1 - May 11: 
Stony Brook Virtual Summer Job Fair
ONLINE through ZebraNet
Summer positions only.  Extended application deadlines. 

Wed April 17:
First-ever SUNY University Center New York Virtual Career Fair
ONLINE through ZebraNet
For students & alumni from Stony Brook, Binghamton, Albany, and Buffalo
Full time and summer jobs in all industries will be posted.


PRE-HEALTH  |   www.stonybrook.edu/healthed

Pre-Professional Advising Hours for Spring 2013 Registration 
Walk-in hours begin from April 8 - April 24, 2013 - Click here for hours.

Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara, School of Medicine
Wednesday, April 10th, 2013 
SB Union 231 @ 1:00pm

Public Health Month
Each year the Graduate Program in Public Health organizes and participates in a series of events for Public Health Month.  Please click here for a list of all events. 

Medical School Insider Panel @ SBU
Join us on campus for our annual Medical School Insider.  Our panelists will include admissions officers and current Med School students, among others, who will also answer your questions about the realities of Medical School and any other concerns you may have.
Tuesday, April 23 -7:30-9:30pm 
Harriman Hall, Room 137

Want to Improve your Writing Skills! 
WRT 305, "Writing for the Health Professions," will be offered in Fall 2013. WRT 305 can be useful for any student who wants to pursue any type of health professions career (including mental

 From Kaplan
The Pulse: Why the MCAT is Changing in 2015
Mon, 4/8, 8-9:30pm, Classroom Anywhere (attend from anywhere you have internet access),www.bit.ly/lievents *Big changes are coming to the MCAT in 2015.  We'll explore in this panel discussion what those changes are, why they're happening and what you need to do now to be prepared.


PRE-LAW  |   www.stonybrook.edu/prelaw

Pre-Professional Advising Hours for Spring 2013 Registration 
Walk-in hours begin from April 8 - April 24, 2013 - Click here for hours.

Want to Improve your Writing Skills! 
WRT/EGL 381, "Advanced Analytic and Argumentative Writing"  will be offered in Fall 2013. WRT/EGL 381 is useful for many different majors and professions, but it is especially useful for students who want to go to law school or to other types of graduate programs.

News From Kaplan:
The Kaplan Advantage: Get the LSAT Score You Want

Tues, 4/30, 8-9:30pm, Classroom Anywhere (attend from anywhere you have internet access),www.bit.ly/lievents
*On the fence about taking an LSAT prep course?  Considering prepping with Kaplan, but unsure if it's worth your investment?  This is precisely the event for you. Join Jeff Thomas, Kaplan's Director of Pre-Law Programs, for an in-depth walk through of the Kaplan student experience, examine all the LSAT prep resources that will be at your disposal, and discover the biggest mistakes students make when prepping for the LSAT.

Careers In Law - Life as a Litigator
"Today’s post is devoted to sharing my experiences as a commercial litigator, to give you a taste of what (at least some) lawyers actually do. First, let’s clear up a very common misconception about litigators..." *Read more at Kaplan's LSAT Blog: the180.com



Several offices provide general and major/minor-related academic advising to specific cohorts of undergraduates.  To see where you go for academic advising, visit http://www.stonybrook.edu/sb/academichelp.shtml .

word of week

Equivocate \ih-KWIV-uh-kayt\, intransitive verb:

To be deliberately ambiguous or unclear in order to mislead or to avoid committing oneself to anything definite.

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