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Wednesday, November 21 - Sunday, November 25
Thanksgiving break - No classes in session.

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1.  SEMESTER BY THE SEA | Fall 2013

Marine Sciences

Don’t just study the marine sciences. Immerse yourself in them!

At Stony Brook Southampton’s Semester by the Sea in Marine Sciences, you’ll spend 16 weeks living and working side by side with our world-renowned faculty as you learn about Long Island’s bays, estuaries, salt marshes, beaches, oceans, and marine life at one of the nation’s premier oceanographic institutes.  Whether you’re aboard one of our state-of-the-art research vessels or performing experiments in our waterfront marine labs, you’ll learn by doing while earning 15 college credits in one term.

Any student may enroll, but the program is best suited for upper-level science majors as several of the elective courses have prerequisites. Non-marine sciences students can complete a minor in marine sciences by enrolling in this program and taking MAR104 the following semester.  Stony Brook Southampton’s Semester by the Sea in Marine Sciences is open to undergraduates and recent grads.

To learn more, visit stonybrook.edu/sea.

Southampton Arts

If you are a budding filmmaker, poet, playwright, or novelist, we can help make your creative dreams come true. In our highly competitive residential program, you will earn 15 credits in 10 transformational weeks while living and studying in the Hamptons. In small groups, you will work side by side with renowned screenwriters, poets, playwrights, and novelists to complete a portfolio project. At the semester’s end, you’ll emerge with a novella, short story or poetry collection, short film, or one-act play.

Open to undergraduates and recent graduates from all majors; the only requirement is a burning desire to express yourself creatively. Southampton Arts is located in the heart of the thriving arts community of the Hamptons.

Open House - See Below.

To learn more, visit stonybrook.edu/sea-arts.


Come to the Open House and film screening on the Stony Brook Southampton Campus!  There will be a brief information session for prospective students, a film screening, and a short reception afterwards with students and faculty. A walking tour of the facilities will also be offered. The entire event should last no more than an hour and a half. 

If you plan on coming please notify William Burford at william.burford@stonybrook.edu.

Saturday, November 17, at 2 p.m. 
Duke Lecture Hall at Chancellors Hall. 
Southampton Campus.



Do you have a job, internship, community service, co-op OFF- CAMPUS experience?  Report your Fall 2012 experiences!
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Brought to you by:  Stony Brook University Career Center | www.stonybrook.edu/career



Stay on track for graduation. Fulfill your DEC requirements. Lighten your academic load for future semesters. Earn three credits in three weeks by enrolling in Stony Brook University Winter Session 2013, from January 8 to January 26. There are more than 100 Winter Session courses in more than 20 academic subjects to choose from. Connect with your academic advisor and enroll now. For more information, visit www.stonybrook.edu/winter .


5.  PRE-HEALTH www.stonybrook.edu/healthed

SUNY Downstate Medical Center
SUNY Downstate Medical Center Office of Minority Affairs is offering many different summer opportunities for students interested in pursuing a career in the health professions. Their programs include: Early Medical Education Program (EME), "Exploring Health Careers" Program,  PATH-Allied Health Track and PATH-Graduate Studies Track. Each application varies in length of time over the course of the summer. If you are interested please click here.


News From Kaplan
Free Event on Campus: MCAT Jeopardy! 
Interested in a health-related career?
Come to Javits on Monday, 11/26 at 8:30 p.m., as several of the pre-health organizations at SBU compete in MCAT Jeopardy, sponsored by Kaplan Test Prep. You'll be able to root for your favorite team and learn some great MCAT-related science content along the way!
All pre-med and pre-health students are welcome at this night of science trivia, so help spread the word. Go to bit.ly/sbmcatjeopardy to register and reserve your seat today!
*Interested in getting more prep and strategies for tackling the MCAT? Sign up for a free prep class at bit.ly/lifreeclasses.


6.  PRE-LAW www.stonybrook.edu/prelaw

News From Kaplan:
Free One-Day-Only Event: Law School Admissions Officer Survey Debrief
This month, you won’t want to miss our first-ever revealing of the results of our annual survey of law school admissions officers.  123 law schools participated, including 16 of the top 25.  Join us as a panel of admissions officers and Kaplan experts analyze the survey findings and share their insights. 

Esteemed guests will review a series of questions that the annual survey uncovers, including:

·         What’s the most important admissions factor?
·         Is this year’s admissions cycle more or less competitive than last year?
·         Have you ever turned to Google or social media to learn more about a candidate?
·         Are you reducing your class size or changing your curriculum?
·         Are there too many law schools in the United States?

This event will be held online on Tuesday, 11/27 at 8:30 p.m.  We hope you can join us! Reserve your seat today .
*Interested in getting prep and strategies for tackling the LSAT? Sign up for a free prep class at bit.ly/lifreeclasses.


Several offices provide general and major/minor-related academic advising to specific cohorts of undergraduates.  To see where you go for academic advising, visit http://www.stonybrook.edu/sb/academichelp.shtml .

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