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How to Find Your Enrollment Appointment Time
How to Search By D.E.C. Category
How to Search For DECs That Also Satisfy Major Requirements
Searching For Classes on the Registrar's Website
How to Use My Planner
How to Apply For Graduation on SOLAR
How to Elect the G/P/NC Option
How to Use the Current G.P.A. Calculator
How to use the Future G.P.A. Calculator
How to Change Your Preferred Name for Class & Final Roster
How to Input your Suffolk & Nassau Community College Transfer Credit
New Students Must-Know Resources
How to use ZebraNet to search for jobs & internships

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Episode #1 - Why Select the W/G/P/NC Grading Options?
Episode #2 - What You Need to Graduate From SBU
Episode #3 - Is it Too Late To Change Your Major or Add a Minor?
Episode #4 - Getting Involved in Research, Internships, Study Abroad, & Volunteering
Episode #5 - What is the APA Internship?
Episode #6 - What we do in Academic & Transfer Advising Services
Episode #7 - All About Pre-Health
Episode #8 - How to Prepare for Registration Season
Episode #9 - Student Q & A on the Staller Steps
Episode #11 - How to Avoid Late Graduation
Episode #12 - Start of Semester Preparation
Episode #13 - Late adding/dropping and the move up/drop down
Episode #14 - Video Tour of the Advising Center's Website
Episode #15 - All About Graduation

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Take a Tour of the Advising Center! (Coming soon)
First-Year Medical Student, Brian Antono Interview
Directions & Parking Information for New Transfer Student Orientation
What is Academic Advising Day?
Roth Pond Regatta 2010
Roth Pond Regatta 2011 (We Came in 3rd Place!)
What is the Major Event?
The 4 p.m. Deadline

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