Your academic standing is CONDITIONAL REINSTATEMENT if you have been reinstated following academic Suspension or Dismissal. Students on Conditional Reinstatement must reach good academic standing (2.0 or higher cumulative GPA), or meet the terms of their prescribed reinstatement conditions to remain at the University. At the end of every semester, the University will review the progress of all Conditionally Reinstated students and outreach to them informing them of their status.

Students already on Conditional Reinstatement from prior terms must continue to meet the conditions of their reinstatement each semester to be allowed to continue studies at Stony Brook.  If you meet the terms and conditions of your reinstatement at the end of a given semester, your transcript will indicate "Conditional Reinstatement" again for the upcoming term.  If you failed to meet the terms and conditions of your reinstatement, you will note that the academic standing remark on your transcript will indicate that your Conditional Reinstatement is "Under Review", prompting the Undergraduate Academic Affairs Office review of your academic progress. Once that review is completed and a final decision is made, you will be informed of your status; either Conditional Reinstatement again or Dismissal.  If your cumulative GPA reaches 2.0 or higher at the end of a semester of Conditional Reinstatement, the academic standing on your transcript will be updated to "Good".

One of the most important responsibilities of conditionally reinstated students is to maintain regular contact with their assigned academic advisors.  Your advisor can offer you academic advice, support, and referrals to other campus resources that may be helpful to you.  The University has high hopes for your academic recovery and future progress and is committed to supporting your pathway to academic success.


Students on Conditional Reinstatement will be limited to enrolling in no more than 15 credits for each of their reinstatement semesters; in some cases, the credit limits may be lower.

Students on Conditional Reinstatement who do not meet the terms of their prescribed reinstatement conditions, will be deregistered from their Fall 2014 courses and campus housing assignments on Thursday, June 12, 2014.

All students on Conditional Reinstatement will be allowed to remain/enroll in Summer Session courses.  However, remaining in Summer courses does not guarantee renewal of Conditional Reinstatement status.



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