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student spotlight

  Name:   Sang Eun Oh

  Class Year:  Senior

  Major:  Linguistics   

  Program: Academic Peer Advisor Internship


 What has been your experience with Academic and Transfer Advising Services?

I am an Academic Peer Advising Intern and I love it working here. 

How did you learn about the Academic Peer Advisor Internship and why did you want to become involved? 

When I was in ADV 101 class as I first transferred here to Stony Brook University, the Teaching Assistant gave us the information about APA Internship opportunity since she was one of the APA interns, too. I wanted to get involved in the internship because I have always wanted to work in university and it seemed like a great chance to make new friends.

 How has the APA Internship supported your academic interests?  

I was majoring in Education in my previous school and I really enjoyed having a conversation and sharing information with my peers. And now, as an APA intern, I meet peers in need and give the information they want. Since I am also interested in working in the fields of education in the future APA internship seems to be the perfect opportunity I was looking for in SBU.

 What advice would you give to your peers?

The advice I would give to students is to try everything and get the most from Stony Brook University. This includes joining in communities that the university offers, visiting and take information from the school websites, and visiting the ATAS office whenever they need help!


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