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Name:  Skye Wiegman

Class Year:  Junior

Major:  Linguistics   Minor:  Leadership Development

Program:  Academic Peer Advisor Internship


What has been your experience with Academic and Transfer Advising Services?

I have had nothing but wonderful experiences here in the Academic and Transfer Advising Services office (ATAS).  Before being selected to for the internship, I hadn't visited the office many times. However, the times that I did were very informative and helpful. All of the advisors are always willing to help however they can with academic needs.

How did you learn about the Academic Peer Advisor Internship and why did you want to become involved? 

I learned about the internship from a message on my SOLAR account. As someone who is very interested in leadership opportunities, and even minoring in Leadership Development, I always love the chance to become involved, especially when I get to help others in the process. This internship presented itself as the perfect opportunity       to not only get involved, but also to strengthen my leadership skills and abilities. As a Senior APA, I serve as a mentor to the new APA's and assist with the weekly seminar course.  

 How has the APA Internship supported your academic interests?  

One of my favorite aspects of this internship is shadowing advisors. During many of the appointments that I observed, I was able to provide knowledge that the advisors were not aware of based on both my major and minor, as well as other outside information.  After I graduate with my Bachelors, I want to pursue a Masters degree in Higher Education. The knowledge and experience I've gained, as well as the connections I've made through this internship, will help in the long run when I'm looking for a job.

 What advice would you give to your peers?

Visit both your major/minor advisor as well as an Academic Advisor in ATAS at least once per semester. That way you can make sure you're staying on track to graduate and there are no surprises when you are ready to graduate.  Also, get involved in something that interests you, whether it be a club or a job. If you find something you enjoy doing, in my case this internship, you will never work a day in your life.


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