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academic spotlight

student spotlight

Name:  Diane DeSimone

Class Year:  Senior

Major:  History

Program:  Academic Peer Advisor


What has been your experience with Academic and Transfer Advising Services?

The first time I contacted Academic & Transfer Advising Services was fall 2012. I had returned to Stony Brook after 27 years to rematriculate and transfer in my Associates Degree. The Transfer Advisors who assisted me were knowledgeable and encouraging. The following spring semester I met with Advisors again to review my status. Everyone I encountered in the office was helpful and made me feel at ease. I was even advised and supported by Associate Provost Rick Gatteau. These experiences impressed me and gave me confidence. I felt assured I would receive excellent academic advice from highly trained and caring professionals.

How did you learn about the Academic Peer Advisor Internship and why did you want to become involved? 

I have since had the opportunity to intern as an Academic Peer Advisor in 2013-14 and will continue as a Senior APA for the 2014-15 academic year. I learned about the opportunity through my solar account. I remembered how much I had been helped and applied. The internship has enlarged my perspective as well as challenged me to pursue different academic goals. I have always wanted to teach and help students. I have appreciated and enjoyed this aspect of the internship.

 How has the APA Internship supported your academic interests?  

I am a history major and am interested in how people have used their lives and circumstances to impact and shape others throughout time. To help and inspire a student to do this would be a very exciting career. The internship and serving with the other APA’s has enabled me to see how significant and meaningful this role is to me. I now plan on perusing a career in higher education administration to accomplish this.

 What advice would you give to your peers?

 I would advise my peers to come to college with an open mind. Your interests and talents may lend themselves to other career paths. I would encourage you to challenge yourselves by applying for internships. Look for opportunities to grow and serve others. Create your history by exploring ways you can shape and impact those around you today. Future interns and students will be thankful you did!


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