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Do you have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA? Will you have earned at least junior standing (57 credits) by the end of the summer? Then consider applying for a two semester internship as an Academic Peer Advisor in the Academic and Transfer Advising Services office. Academic Peer Advisors earn six upper-division credits and gain experience in higher education by providing advice to fellow students, serving as a TA for ADV 101, and working with professional staff on various projects and events.  For more information about the Academic Peer Advisor internship, please contact Ellen Hopkins at

The Academic Peer Advisor Application 2017-2018 is no longer available.  


About the Internship

The Academic Peer Advisor Internship is an enriching college experience for superior undergraduates. Academic Peer Advisors (APAs) assist professional advisors in the Academic and Transfer Advising Services office by providing support to their fellow undergraduate students.  APAs create a positive and supportive introduction to the office by their work at the reception area, which includes handling telephone inquiries, screening students for walk-in advising, teaching students how to review their degree progress and register for classes. They serve as teaching assistants for the first-semester seminars (ADV 101).  APAs are registered for the Advising Services internship program (ADV 488) for the full academic year (fall and spring semesters) earning a total of six upper-division credits (three upper-division credits per semester).  The course satisfies the EXP+ learning objective in the Stony Brook Curriculum (SBC).

Outstanding junior and senior undergraduate students are recruited to become an Academic Peer Advisor early in the spring semester prior to the first semester of service. The application process includes sending the application, a personal essay, a resume, and a letter of recommendation due toward the end of February. The interview process and selection is conducted mid-March with chosen candidates notified the first week in April. Selection as an Academic Peer Advisor is widely viewed as a prestigious honor. There are many benefits and rewards associated with the Academic Peer Advisor Internship:

  • Three hours of upper division credit (course ADV 488) per semester.
  • Is an EXP+ course for the SBC (Stony Brook Curriculum).
  • Experience in leadership, co-instruction of a first semester seminar, and student support.
  • An opportunity to explore the possibility of a career in higher education
  • The opportunity to explore and develop professional skills
  • The chance to form friendships and relationships with fellow peer advisors and other undergraduate students.

How Each Semester Is Broken Down

During the fall semester, the internship consists of an intensive training program. The backbone of this training is the weekly seminar–style classes. These classes provide advising training through analyzing issues relevant to academic advising and the opportunity to learn presentation skills and to give at least one oral presentation during the weekly APA seminar in preparation for their presentation to their ADV 101 students.  The internship also includes three written assignments (a journal, a lesson plan for a first year seminar class, and a case study exercise), and periodic quizzes. Additionally, Academic Peer Advisors perform supervised work in the office, serve as a teaching assistant to a first semester seminar class for transfer students, and conduct outreach activities to the University community.

The second semester is focused on individual assignments related to University outreach activities, a continuation of the weekly seminar-style APA meetings, work at the front desk and a teaching assistantship to a first semester seminar. APA"s learn to lead and conduct a class discussion. The internship requires the continuation of weekly journal entries, an oral and written report of their spring project, and a written assessment of their experiences as an APA. 

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